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New blogging for cash site

I found a new advertising site that is made EXCLUSIVELY for bloggers. It seems like a really genius idea! If you decide to sign up, please use my email ( as your referrer. You get paid for writing posts about different products and websites, so it's original content as opposed to generic ads in the margins of your site.

The only catch, well, not really a catch...but the only stipulation is that your blog must be as least 90 days old and have been continually updated during that time. This is to prevent people from creating new blogs just to make money. They want dedicated bloggers who have already proven their longevity!

So, if you're interested, the website is called And again, if you do signup, please use my email ( as your referrer. My blog was just approved and I can't wait to get started!!

A helpful site for my readers...

Hey guys, I just recently replaced the digital camera that was stolen from me on my European vacation during the increased security. I found a great digital camera reviews site that really helped me find a great camera at a great price. Probably a better deal than the camera that got stolen!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/29/2006

Pregnant Pauses Julie from "Flip This Body"

Pregnant Pauses, by blogger Irene Tuazon, is a cornucopia of fun, sassiness and humor. A self-proclaimed, "Photographer's Muse / Loony Stage Mother", Irene blogs from The Phillipines with a voice that is fresh and extremely funny.

Irene's blog description states, "A pregnant pause is a momentary stillness laden with significance. It is rich, prolific, provocative, wow. It is a threshold for ideas and can translate into one to one thousand emotions. It welcomes imagination and brims with untold possibilities. Sometimes, it is even pinched with humor. Life's most unforgettable moments are highlighted by pregnant pauses. Now, I gladly share with you mine."

Wow is right. If the description hasn't already sucked you in, try her post on her run in with WWE Smackdown's Big Dave Bautista, or the pics of her baby being cooked alive!! But, on a dime, Irene will turn around and hit you with a sentimen…

Have your blog be bestest for a whole month!

Only 24 hours left of bidding for this month's "Bestest Blog of the Month." The current bid is still less than last month's ($51), even though this site has been continually growing, expanding, and improving. Check it out now, before it's too late!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/28/2006

Is This REALLY My Life (or Co-Worker Hate Blog) guest blogger Neila from "Blog that Mommy!"

Linka72 describes herself as a “Call Center Slave.” It is a job that provides her with endless tales, which she shares in her blog, Is This REALLY My Life (or Co-Worker Hate Blog). Linka’s blog debuted in June, and over the summer she has shared the rantings and musings of her daily life with a little hateful gossip about her co-workers thrown in for good measure.

When I discovered this blog, I sat down and read almost every entry. Not only did it catch my attention, but it made me laugh so hard I cried. Anyone who has ever worked in an office environment, or who has enjoyed the movie Office Space, will enjoy this blog.

Linka writes about everything from a co-worker (Belly) who won’t stop staring at her breasts in Stop Looking At My Hooters, to another co-worker who steals her food out of the refrigerator in the break room. I think many of us can relate to her saga of office life…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/27/2006

Home Ec. for Grownups
Sometimes when I'm writing my reviews, I feel like it's cheating to copy and paste a description they have on the site. But sometimes they're so well-written and to the point that I can't help it, like this one: "'Real life' home economics – simple recipes that work, household hints and tips, bargain shopping suggestions, decorating ideas, popular culture and more. I don't write about it unless I've tried it."

Now, I'm newly married, newly living on my own, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't know crap when it comes to taking care of the house or preparing dinners that don't involve the microwave (well, maybe my wife would be the first to admit it, but that's another story entirely). This site is an excellent resource for people like me (without a clue) and even more experienced adults who are looking for a quick tip or great, new recipe. Polly even has a wide collection of shopping guides an…

(At least) one happy customer!

I just wanted to post a wonderful compliment I received today:
"Wow - Bobby, I can't find your email but I'm here to say that Bestest Premium really works. I got a bunch of traffic today.

I know this sounds like an ad but it isn't. It's one happy customer!



Portnoy donated $30 towards being a premium blog for his site Reel Hollywood. With the inception of the Random Blog Button, it would seem as though EVERYONE should have had a good traffic day today...especially the PREMIUM BLOGS!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/26/2006

A Normal Life guest blogger Gale from "L'esprit de l'escalier"

"Who is a wise man? He who learns of all men." --The Talmud

The quote from the Talmud says almost everything you need to know to know about why bazza's blog deserves a Bestest Blog nod. I found the quote on Bazza's site, A Normal Life, which abounds in common wisdom, good humor, and heart.

Bazza is a humanist, and I mean that in the best sense of the word. He's one of the most genteel souls I have met in cyberspace. He has well crafted opinions on a range of topics: history, art, music, architecture, classic cars, and football, to name a few. But it's not his style to shout anyone down. Bazza lifts up the people and places he profiles in his blog and elevates other bloggers up with gracious comments.

I first met bazza when he surprised me by stopping in on my book blog. See, I had designed it as a best-books-for-women site, all pink and dishy-- a place where only men completely…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/25/2006

Memoirs of a Gouda Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

Today's Morgen Monday brings us to the Wonder Of Washington State: Allie D's Memoirs Of A Gouda.

Since her blog's subtitle is "Grabbing Life By The Curds, Searching For Wisdom Along The Whey..." you know you're in for a punny good time searching through her aged cheese bin.

She describes herself as "almost 27 years old, a full-time mother of two and a full-time student" and she maintains several blogs, on top of those two-full time occupations!

Whether it's skewering world leaders, wishing for special abilities, or waxing poetic about the failed marriages of celebrities, Allie delivers pointy wit and a bouquet of flavor, just like a shaker of romano cheese.

While talking about her children, she fills you with gooey goodness like a warm brie. My favorite posts of her involve candy, surprisingly, not cheese! Check out her Leave It Dead series on candy: from circus peanu…

Just so you know...

There are 32 new blogs in the Recent Additions for your weekend viewing pleasure. There are also a bunch of new Premium Blogs, so be sure to check those out as well.

The "Random Blog Button" Beta has been well received, I hope to make it a little less beta before the weekend is over, but we shall see. But if you want to link to it now you can...even when it us un-beta, the URL won't change.

I am up to 76 links on This is up from 53 when I initially encouraged people to use this service. #500 on the Hot 500 still only has 129 links, so I am quickly bridging the gap. If you haven't already, click here to Blogroll Me!

And finally, this month's "Bestest Blog of the Month" auction is up and rolling and has some bids already. Don't miss out if you're interested!

Rerun Sunday: 09/24/2006

Foxxfyrre's Honk'n'Holl'r
Foxxfyrre (Frank) is the "Spread Your Smile!" contest winner from a few days ago (there was one other submission, but I have no clue who it is...if it's you, let me know so I can list you as a Runner-up).

I'm actually kind of glad that Frank was the winner, because his blog is pretty good. It's a collection of fictitious stories inspired by his co-workers and patrons at a large hotel. To read Frank's introductory post, click here. The whole idea for the blog stemmed from he and another co-worker making fun of some of the people they have to deal with...but, just to be safe, they decided to use code names for everyone (Cheers inspired code names!).

So, please visit Frank's humorous, partly true (which parts, we'll never know) stories at "Foxxfyrre's Honk'n'Holl'r" and let him know "Bestest Blog" linked you up!

Bestest Blog of the Month TIME AGAIN!

Bidding has commenced for next month's "Bestest Blog of the Month." Bidding starts are only 1 penny!!

Not only will your blog be featured in the top left corner, but you'll appear extra often in the "Random Blog" rotation for this month and months to come, with the new premium blog incentive. Check out the eBay listing for full details.

This month's winner has reported to me an increase in visitors so large that it averages out to less than 1 cent per visitor (try getting advertising that cheap with Google Adsense!). So, if you think your blog might be ready for the big-time, check it out! Or if you have a blog you really like that might be interested, let them know about this great opportunity.

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/23/2006

Bible Study Blog
Onto week 6 of "Premium Saturdays" where we always feature a Premium Blog. Interested in becoming premium? Click here to find out how!Well, I just finished my 3rd week of teaching high school...they say it gets easier as the year progresses, let's hope so! I teach at a Catholic high school, where the students are required to take a religion class all 4 years (in comparison, they only have to take 3 years of math). So, these students are definitely coming out of this school with a much better understanding and appreciation of the bible.

Now, certainly this blog choice today is not for everyone. But for any spiritual person (who maybe went to public school) who wants to gain a better appreciation of the bible, this is a GREAT resource. Even if you are well-versed in the Bible, Neil offers a lot of personal insight and sparks intelligent conversation in his comments.

This blog really is excellent in what it purports to do, study the Bible. Neil thou…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/22/2006

Young and Broke Julie from "Flip This Body"

Amanda, over at Young and Broke, has made quite a name for herself in the Personal Finance (PF) blogging community. This "recently married 20-something Chicagoan working in financial services/software development" writes a daily blog on being young and, well, broke! She gives really great, solid and practical financial advise. Even if you're not young (or not broke) the information she delves out is extremely valuable to living a prosperous and frugal financial life. Her readers are also (on the majority) financial gurus, so you can often learn even more from reading the comments to each post.

My favorite articles help define what the hell are IRAs, 401Ks, and HSAs (that's a lotta abbreviations!) and why should I give a crap about them. She has a wealth of good advice on getting out of debt. Amanda uses her own personal life examples to help the reader better understand the impact these financial issues make in…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/21/2006

Stupid Criminal File
This pick comes to us from Guest Blogger Charlene from "A Day in the Life..." We need more guest bloggers, so click here if you think you might be interested.Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege. ~unknownReading through the Stupid Criminal Files is mind-boggling. This is where you meet the less intelligent family members of Dumb and Dumber. Every true story is linked to it's original news source, Reuters, Associated Press, Fox News, etc.

The blog begins in January of 2005. My pick for stupid criminal of the month is the 40 year-old Wisconsin man who stole a GPS Tracking Devise. Hello? That February a puffed up bank robber used his cell phone to call his favorite local radio station and boast ON AIR about the heist; while actor, Tom Seizemore, had a staring role in an impromptu piece entitled, Fake Urine + Fake Penis = Jail. In March a Police Chief Drives Drunk. April leads us to Norway where two robbers attempt a get…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/20/2006

Critique My Blog
I've said it once, and I will say it again. No one in the history of blogging has made a successful blog without linking to other blogs, commenting on other blogs, and being part of the blogosphere community as a whole. This is the ideal that I have founded my blog on, and it appears to be the same ideal Billy Mac has founded his blog on.

Just like me, Billy Mac has a link exchange program going on. Where as on my blog, I choose one of the best each day and feature it for my readers, Billy Mac takes EVERY SINGLE BLOG and writes up a review about it. Mostly they're positive, but he's not afraid to give criticism when it's merited.

Now, I'm not about to sit here and bicker about whose idea is better...they're both good ideas, so let's get the word out on both! ManyofthepeopleIlinkto here, have already been critiqued by Billy Mac on his site (each word is a link to a different review to a site also in the directory here).

Also, in true blog…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/19/2006

L'esprit de l'escalier (Gem's Blog)

Guest blogger, Mimi, from Dating Profile of the Day, proudly nominates........ L'ESPRIT DE L'ESCALIER (GEM'S BLOG) for Bestest Blog of the Day, September 19, 2006.

Want quality writing with a witty twist and lots of hutzpah? You've come to the right place. Gale Martin's entertaining blog never fails to live up to its French title, which literally means "staircase wit".

She has been called the Erma Bombeck of Blogging. I totally agree.

Her topics range from Blog-o-nomics to adventures at Dunkin' Donuts (the little chain that could) to Shaker Celibacy! A published author, yuppie extraordinaire and prolific writer, her style is fresh and her stories unique with well-placed pics for a visual delight. A Blog of "Gem-osophy" as she calls it, is full of original humor and sage advice.

Happy Friend Day and Global Warming in the Blogosphere are heartfelt tributes to happenings online and elsewhere. Alway…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/18/2006

Central American Rhapsody: A Cautionary Tale Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

Today's Morgen Monday comes to us from that wild little country of Honduras. That's right kids, it's time for Miss Jill to share some hilarious moments at a Central American Rhapsody: A Cautionary Tale.

Jill is a 25 year old Mormon who teaches 6th graders in Honduras. She believes in doing something good in her life, and clearly she believes in doing it with a great sense of humor. Frankly, I had to get a map to locate Honduras, and I can only imagine what it's like there -- she has her own bodyguard (he wears a t-shirt that says "Player") but, she also has her own maid (who wears knock-off Hilfiger t's). Jill's Honduras is the land of cheap hit men, fawning church women who make horrific bakegoods (carmelized treebark, Jill writes), and a place where menthol Halls are divine treats. I guess after eating carmelized treebark, popping a Halls lik…

Super Awesome Random Blog Surfbar (beta version)

Ok, so I've been working on this for awhile and I finally got it to work. As of right now it is functional, but not necessarily pretty and how I want it to be exactly. Here are the advantages:
(1) Easily surf blogs continually in the same window
(2) Link to it from your own site! (before you had to link people to my main site and then they'd have to find the button themselves).

So here is the website: I've had a lot of people request something like this and I hope this is what they were looking for. Please comment, I am interested in hearing your opinions!

Rerun Sunday: 09/17/2006

A World of Bloggers
Update: Many of the popular countries I have listed below are filled, but there are still plenty of vacancies left! So, if you live in or have lived in a semi-obscure country (or even if you haven't), check out this blog!

This blog choice is designed especially for those visitors who are reading from outside of the United States (though, Americans feel free to check it out too).

Rhys has a bit of a link exchange going on at his blog, kind of like I do here. But he doesn't accept just any old non-porno, non-spam blog like I do. Rhys is looking to exchange links with exactly 1 blog from every country. (I say sorry to my fellow Americans because I have already claimed the USA spot).

Rhys really has a creative concept here, but is just getting started with only 4 countries linked at the time of publishing (USA, Bangladesh, Burkino Faso, and New Zealand). So there are still plenty of countries left...lots of ones I know I have regular visitors in: Canada, Mexic…

Improvements to make your surfing easier

Ok, so first off, the "Random Blog" button opens in a new window, so it'll be easier for you to continually click on it by just closing the window that opens whenever you finish. I am still working on a version where the button is continuously at the top of the page, and the random blogs appear in the bottom.

Secondly, I've added a search box to quickly search through all blogs in the directory. I thought this was a pretty cool idea and I'm glad I got it to work. All it does is include "link:" in the search query. So if your blog has a link to mine on it, it will be included in these search results.

On a sidenote, to help with the proficiency of the search box...Blogger, by default, surrounds link lists with a [MainOrArchivePage] tag. This means that your link list will not appear on individual item pages. So, in other words if you have a post from last April about puppies and someone searches for puppies wi…

Big day of updates!

So, I spent the last 5 hours updating the behind the scenes stuff for the blog. I am proud to say that there are 37 new blogs for your surfing pleasure in the "Recent Additions", as well as quite a few new "Premium Blogs". Especially noteworthy is that we have a new top donator on the Premium Blogs list, thank you very much Doctor Anonymous!!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/16/2006

Top Jokes
This is our 5th edition of "Premium Saturdays" where only Premium Blogs can be featured. If you're interested in becoming a Premium Blog, click here!I have always been very into comedy. All my favorite movies and TV shows are comedies, in college I was in an improv comedy group, and I once waited in line for 19 hours in January to see a live episode of Saturday Night Live. Another favorite of mine is reading jokes. I have a lot of people who forward jokes along to me, and I have a tendency to grab a joke book while sitting in the cafe area at Barnes and Noble. The reason I am telling you this, is that by this point, I have seen many of the same jokes regurgitated over and over again. But somehow, Archit over at Top Jokes has found a surplus of hilarious jokes that I have never heard before!

So, of course, in this paragraph, I am going to link you up to some of my favorites, all of which I have never heard before (there are a few funny ones that I have heard…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/15/2006

Looking in My Rearview Mirror Julie from "Flip This Body"

In our fast-paced, media-crazed and superficial world, I often find myself searching for things that are inherently good; full of meaning, honest truth and simplicity. Sometimes a rerun of Leave It To Beaver can put me in the best mood. That show makes me long for a better world, where people are hard working, always look out for their neighbors and try their best to be a good person. You get a feeling of hope from watching that show; hope that a world like that is obtainable…somehow…someday…

I often find myself visiting Looking in My Rearview Mirror to find that feeling. Lue, the author, is a former Amish. She chose to leave the Amish faith 12 years ago and is now using her blog to look back at her choice and how it’s changed her life, for the better or worse. Lue is completely open to answering any and all questions about the Amish faith and encourages her readers to submit any questions they may have. Lue is a …

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/14/2006

Peggy, as she is
This guest blogging pick comes to us from Ms. Peanut at "Peanut, Peanut Butter...Jelly!"(Insert drum roll here) "And the winner of ‘Bestest Blog of the Day for September 14th, 2006’ is ‘Peggy, as she is’!"

Mommy Dearest, Boy, and Elsie’s mother complicate Peggy’s life on a regular basis-- from denial of visitation to not minding her own business. Between having a 2- and a 4–year old, running an eBay store, dealing w/ MD, and life in general, I don’t know how Peggy does it.

I especially love her rant about advertising on PBS and her rant about Mommy Dearest’s attempt at visitation denial.

You never know what you're going to read next with Peggy. It could be about PBS, Mommy Dearest, her secret admirer, or even garbage bags! So please check out Peggy at "Peggy, as she is" and tell her that Bestest Blog and Peanut sent ya!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/13/2006

Antichrist & Minotaur Man
Ok, my computer is kinda working, hopefully long enough for me to get through this post. This pick comes to us courtesy of Mo who writes the comedy blog Mo! where he writes as himself, as well former 'Bestest Blog' The Meathead Diaries, where he blogs as his character Guy Ernest.If comedy is hard, a funny blog is even harder to write. Think I'm just writing a lazy intro? The highest ranked comedy blog on Technorati is "Overheard in New York," which is full of unintentional humor. Ze Frank's "The Show," the second highest ranked funny blog in the blogosphere, is a video blog. The highest ranked written, intentionally funny blog, "One Red Paperclip," is based on the incredible stunt of trading one red paper clip for a pen and so on all the way to a house. That blog is ranked 88.

Antichrist & Minotaur Man (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE IS ON THIS SITE) is a rare find then: a hilarious blog that is constantly update…

Computer Down Time

Due to the fact that my computer won't load the operating system, we are having an unexpected and undesired day off here. Hopefully, I'll get it fixed and push the guest blogger from today to tomorrow. Right now, I am on my wife's computer, but she doesn't have any of the files that I need, plus it's hella late I've been trying to fix mine all night.

Sorry folks!

Site errors?

I've had at least one report of my blog being down for some time over the weekend (I was out of town, so I'm not sure when or for how long). Anyway, if you didn't check her out already, be sure to check out Saturday's winner, Neila from Blog That Mommy!, as well as today's winner!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/11/2006

Doctor Anonymous Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

For my first Morgen Monday, I select Doctor Anonymous as Bestest Blog Of The Day for Monday, September 11. An infamous day for all of us. Best summed up with the words of the song quoted on Dr. A's Friday post (which was also his 100th post -- Congrats, Dr. A!). He was on call this past weekend, and I hope this honor picks up his spirits as he begins a new week of doctorly duties.

Dr. A is not only a doctor, he's also a funny guy who is a Blogaholic. He's self-described as "just a guy trying to find the humor in medicine and humor in life while dealing with the daily grind of the American health care system." His site is the "Unofficial Bloggers Anonymous" headquarters. Like most of us, he has reflected upon the frequency of his postings, what it means to Blog, and about the interaction he has with his commenters.

In Dr. A's own words: "Blogging is like being at t…

Rerun Sunday: 09/10/2006

Twenty-three and Counting
Update: Since the original posting "Sara" has had a few more topics: Theme 3: If I Had a Million Dollars, Theme 4: I Need a Vacation!, Theme 5: Best Friends, Theme 6: Getting My Life in Order, Theme 7: Finance

This personal blog is run by "Sara" (an admitted alias). Sara has come across some blogging theories that I have long held as universal truths:
(1) "Blogs that keep my attention the longest have a focus."
(2) "As a rule, daily journals are kind of boring."

But Sara found herself without a definite "focus" to maintain throughout her blog's lifetime. Her solution: choose a new focus every Sunday, post 5 theme-related blogs Monday-Friday, and do a recap on Satuday (plus, she may throw in a "journal"-ish entry on Saturday as well.) To read the entire story of Sara's blog format dilemma, click here.

So, Week #1 is in the books. The topic: Best Loved Books (pun intended). To see the Saturda…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/09/2006

Blog That Mommy!
Welcome to the 4th edition (wow 4th already) of Premium Saturdays, where always featured is a Premium Blog.
Interested in becoming a Premium Blog? Click here to find out how!Neila is a stay-at-home mother who says her job is the most rewarding, fulfilling, and frustrating job she's ever had. I love the reason she lists for why she started her blog: "Lack of adult interaction...practice talking to people older than age four." I challenge anyone to come up with a better reason to start a blog, haha!

Here is an adorable picture of her kids from Halloween, and there are lots more where that came from! I absolutely love kids and can't help loving this blog. As you know, I am young (23), but am married and can without a doubt say that we will have kids someday. Whether it's by natural means, seeing a doctor, or adoption, there will be kids in our life. Who knows, maybe I'll still be running this blog then too! Maybe, my wife can join Neila in…

Big Announcement (drumroll please!)

I started this site last June. Back then I was without a job, not even an interview lined up, I had no income and a LOT of free time. Now things are a little different...I have a job which has me pulling in enough to scrape by, but I have not nearly as much free time, and this site has EXPLODED in popularity. I have hundreds of returning visitors every day, hundreds of new visitors every day, all hungry for some great blogs to read (of which I have almost 1000).

As such, I have invited two of my most persistent and faithful readers to be regular guest bloggers for at least a month (or more!). Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World" will be writing every week for "Morgen Mondays"; and Julie from "Flip This Body" will have a blog pick for every "Flip This Friday" (which also happens to be the day she reveals her weekly weight loss). Both Julie and Morgen had already been guest bloggers and both had already requested another turn whenever …

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/08/2006

New York Bathrooms
Today brings us another guest blogger, many of you have visited her already, Serena from "Life is falling to pieces: an illustrated journal". I guess I've kind of adopted the policy for guest bloggers of I can assign you a date, or you can just send it in and I'll run it when I can!
Interested in being a guest blogger? Click here to find out how!I think I can say with some assurance, that if there’s one thing that we, human beings, all have in common as a species, it is our need to visit the bathroom on a regular basis. Thus, I can also speculate that since we are a mobile group, most everyone can relate with the situation of having to go, but not having a place to go, and having to settle for the closest public rest room available for use. Its kinda like Russian Roulette: will you be relieving yourself in the lapse of luxury, or be repulsed by having to do your business in the worst bathroom ever?

This is the very premise of New York Bathrooms, a …

Hot 500

Ok, so has this list called the Hot 500. If you are unfamiliar with Blogrolling, basically it's a site that offers a free service of making and maintaining a list of blog links (though really you can link to anything with it, not just blogs).

So, what the Hot 500 is is the 500 blogs (though again comes in on the list at #163 for example) which are linked by their users, ranked by the number of links to the site. Right now I am currently linked by 53 other blogs through Blogrolling. For comparison, #500 on the Hot 500 is linked by 129, not that much more at all.

So, I am officially beginning a push to make it onto this list. Remember, more exposure for me means more exposure for anyone I link's another win-win situation.

I really do recommend the Blogrolling service, it's free, easy, and useful...the only reason I don't use it here is the free account only affords a user one master list of links, which doesn't fly with the catego…

Just a reminder...

Just want to remind everyone (or inform our new visitors) of the Testimonials page. If you've had a good experience here, I encourage you to leave a message...if you are new to the site, go check it out to see all my happy blogmates!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/07/2006

A Day in the Life...
This pick comes to us from guest blogger Alessia from "Waiting, Wishing..." Please do support our guest bloggers and check out their blog as well as the winning blog. Side note, this choice is interesting since it is about a teacher...seems like one I would have picked anyway given my current state of mind :-)
Interested in being a guest blogger? Click here to find out how!If you like reading teaching anecdotes told with lots of humor, as well as other funny stories, A Day in the Life is the blog you need to read! (Or should I say, the garden you need to visit?)

She is an excellent "gardener" (blogger), and as such, always has "fresh flowers" (recent posts). There's a new bloom nearly every day. It's a beautiful garden, I personally enjoy blogs with an interesting template, it highlights the content and makes you want to read more.

Quilldancer teaches in a school as well as a Sunday-school class, and always has interesting sto…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/06/2006

meloncutter musings
Another guest blogger today! Why? Two reasons: (1) Our guest blogger, "The Thinker" from "Theory of Thought" sent me a review without setting up a date first. And rather than add her to the end of the line (late September) and have the review get stale, I decided to post it now. (2) I am crazy busy and semi-stressed out with my first ever week of teaching. I'm sure things will settle down soon!
Interested in being a guest blogger? Click here to find out how!He's absolutely hilarious. He has an obsession with flatulence. He's about to make his 200th entry into his blog. Why he hasn't won the Bestest Blog of the Day Award yet escapes me. Who is he? Meloncutter from Meloncutter Musings, of course!

I don't know of any other blogger who can turn the most profane and vulgar phrases we've become so used to into perfectly harmless sayings (that I will definitely start using). "KISS MY ASS. (alternative:) Please make sm…

Another updating!

25 new blogs in the Recent Additions, plus a bunch of new Premium Blogs, be sure and check em out!

God bless...

In honor of Jessie's mother, we were able to raise $35.00 for the ACS to help cancer research. Thanks for your generosity, and also thanks to those of you who wrote such kind messages of condolence.

If you would still like to make a donation, you can visit, now and whenever and donate a little or as much as you can. Thanks again everyone!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/05/2006

Joke Diary
This pick comes to us courtesy of guest blogger Michael from "The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile."
Interested in being a guest blogger? Click here to find out how!Everyone likes a good joke. They can be used at parties, to loosen up a crowd before you deliver a speech or just to cheer you up. Today's Bestest Blog Of The Day, Joke Diary, has got plenty of them. This entertaining blog has jokes that range from adult to the simple.

Joke Diary's title says "The Best Collection of Jokes and Humor. Everyone needs a good laugh." The only thing you will find on this blog is jokes. People will pay good money for books full of jokes, but this blog posts them for all to see and use. My favorite joke was this one that listed real answers from a California Driving School. Joke Diary has been running since May of 2006 and already has a pretty impressive collection of jokes in their archives. You should definitely spend some time going through pas…

Happy Labor Day

Well, it's Labor Day and I've been laboring over this new template. I think it's simpler and easier on the eyes.

If you guys could do me a favor, and if you find a link that isn't working, or if it seems the blog is formatting weirdly in whatever browser you are using, please let me know so I can (try and) fix it.


Tragedy continued...

Ok, so we were able to get Jessie's address and mother's name, so Julie had the great idea to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in her name.

So, if anyone would like to contribute to this noble and generous cause, I will be physically making the donation, so you can send your donation my way by using the Paypal donate button in the top right corner of my blog (be sure to include your real name or your blogger name, or whatever you want to be known by).

And, of course, anyone who is generous enough to contribute to this will receive all the Premium Blog perks that they would normally receive, except the money will go towards this cause instead of towards my bank account.

I'll probably be sending out the donation sometime on Tuesday, so don't hesitate, send those donations now! Thank you.

A Tragedy...

A great supporter of my site and yesterday's "Blog of the Day" winner has had her mother pass away. Her name is Jessie and she is only 26 years old. She didn't even get to enjoy her award :-(

If any of you are regular readers of Jessie, or perhaps if Jessie is a regular reader of yours, or if you'd just like to show your support for a fellow blogger in a time of great need, please leave your name here and a brief message of condolance here so we may include it on an eCard that we send to Jessie. (Thanks to Julie for helping me out on this task.) Perhaps if we are able to obtain Jessie's address, we may consider sending an ACTUAL card and perhaps some flowers.

Thank you and enjoy your Labor Day weekend...

Rerun Sunday: 09/03/2006

Flip This Body
Update: Julie is down 14.5 pounds so far, very impressive, so go check her out!

Julie is a 27-year-old musical theatre actress from Chicago. She currently weighs in at 200 pounds. Her goal: to "flip her body" down to 140 pounds in less than a year.

Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight knows it's tough. So Julie is hoping that chroncling her attempt for loads of friendly visitors on the internet will give her the motivation to succeed--maybe she'll even inspire some others to lose weight too.

As with any good diet attempt, Julie has posted her "before" photos. She also has a little graphic at the top of the page to keep track of the weight as she drops it. By the way, the dieting system she is attempting is called Nutrisystem. While I don't know anything about this, Julie has a nice explanation of it here.

I know I'm rooting for Julie and I'm sure many of you will also be rooting after you read this. So, please stop by Jul…

The blogging world is a great place...

It is my belief that if your blog is good enough, eventually it will do its own advertising.

What I mean is that if you can get a few people to visit your site JUST ONCE, they'll like it enough to come back again. They may even like it enough to add a link to it on their site. Hell, they might even write a mini-review encouraging all their readers to check it out.

This is what I do here. I sift through my directory and find the great blogs, the ones that have a chance at being something big (or at least bigger). The ones that if I can just give them a little push, the rest should follow.

So, I encourage you, if you find a blog you like to PLEASE consider doing one of these things. And if you add a link to them, 99% of the time they'll add a link back to you if you ask nicely! This is the idea of reciprocal linking, another key idea to this blog.

Now, all I require here is this reciprocal link. I have never once asked anyone to write a review, and there is no pressure to com…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/02/2006

Who Are We
Welcome to our 3rd edition of Premium Saturdays, where we always feature a Premium Blog.
Interested in becoming a Premium Blog and reaping all the benefits? Click here to find out how!This pick comes to us from a blogger named Jessie. This blog spawned out of Jessie's other blog (Hunna's Happenings), when a tragic event changed her life and made what was once a fun and light-hearted blog a little more serious than she cared for it to be.

Thus started the blog "Who Are We," "a fun blog, a place to find me again" as Jessie describes it. Just about every day, she features a personal question, posts her answer to the question, and invites her readers to leave comments with their answers. It's a great, interactive and organized approach to the standard personal blog.

Here are some of my favorite of Jessie's previous questions for your perusement: What is your first memory?, What is your most prized possession?, and Where is your favorite vacati…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/01/2006

The World of Yaxlich
New month, great new blogs being featured! Bobby really likes this blog and has kind of been saving it for a special occasion, but Bobby got sick of waiting and figured that a new month is semi-special enough to go ahead and post.

The first thing you need to know about Yaxlich is that he's British. The second thing is that Yaxlich ALWAYS, 100% of the time, refers to himself in the 3rd person (you may have already caught on that Bobby has adopted this style of blogging for this entry). It makes reading the blog more interesting, it makes it seem like a cave man has his own blog. It's a unique twist like this that makes reading a personal blog that much more interesting. Thirdly, you must know that Yaxlich is obsessed with Britney Spears. For anything else you mind need to know about him, check out his first post ever.

Yaxlich just hit his 100th post, which is an excellent sign of longevity for a blog, because Bobby really doesn't think many make it p…