(At least) one happy customer!

I just wanted to post a wonderful compliment I received today:
"Wow - Bobby, I can't find your email but I'm here to say that Bestest Premium really works. I got a bunch of traffic today.

I know this sounds like an ad but it isn't. It's one happy customer!



Portnoy donated $30 towards being a premium blog for his site Reel Hollywood. With the inception of the Random Blog Button, it would seem as though EVERYONE should have had a good traffic day today...especially the PREMIUM BLOGS!


Shan said…
That's great, Bobby!

I came across this blog which hasn't been updated in a while.

R2K said…
Why is the random blog button so active suddenly? I dont understand, was it not on before?
Mimi Lenox said…
Ditto. My traffic has increased enormously since random blog button. I'm so excited. This is awesome! Thank you, Bestest Blog of All Time.
msquared said…
I can vouch for the premium blog status working too. A month ago I was only getting(if I was lucky) 16 views a day yesterday I got a whopping 85 views!

The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas
Neil said…
Yes, lots of new traffic! I think your randomblog button is on steroids - I've been getting lots of views from it.
Bobby Griffin said…

I don't know if it's the initial excitement of the new search bar or if this can be expected as the norm from now on, I guess we'll see!
R2K said…
Yes lets hope this is going to last, I have gotten many extra hits as a result of whatever change you made. I really regret not paying more, if this is any indication of the future.

I may have to send more money if this lasts.
Julie said…
Yeah, the NEW and IMPROVED random blog button accounts for like every 4th hit I've gotten on my site meter. I love it!
R2K said…
And these are real visits also, I have tracked the origins for them, and they are all over the world. Not just one person clicking 1000 times.
Dr. A said…
I have to definitely agree. My "investment" has paid off in hits. Thanks Bobby!

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