Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/23/2006

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Well, I just finished my 3rd week of teaching high school...they say it gets easier as the year progresses, let's hope so! I teach at a Catholic high school, where the students are required to take a religion class all 4 years (in comparison, they only have to take 3 years of math). So, these students are definitely coming out of this school with a much better understanding and appreciation of the bible.

Now, certainly this blog choice today is not for everyone. But for any spiritual person (who maybe went to public school) who wants to gain a better appreciation of the bible, this is a GREAT resource. Even if you are well-versed in the Bible, Neil offers a lot of personal insight and sparks intelligent conversation in his comments.

This blog really is excellent in what it purports to do, study the Bible. Neil thought his blog was ready for the big-time and outbid everyone else for the title of "Bestest Blog of the Month" (sidenote: next month's bidding has now commenced). So far it's been impossible for me NOT to feature the "blogs of the month" with a "blog of the day" award, because they've been THAT good!

So, if you haven't already visited Neil this month, what are you waiting for? I don't think I could give you any more motivation to check it out, so go already!


Neil said…
Thanks, Bobby! Your site has made a phenomenal difference in my blog traffic.

Good luck with teaching! It definitely gets easier (according to my wife, a 4th grade teacher). She also spent 12 years in Catholic schools and turned out quite well :-).

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