How to Become a Premium Blog...

To donate, please click the "Paypal Donate" button near the top-right of the page.

Premium blogs are a service where a very small donation (minimum $1.00, increments of 25 cents) can earn you a lot more exposure. Here is what your donation will get you:

(1) Show up more often in the "Random Blog" button! The "Random Blog" button works like choosing names from a hat. By default, your blog's name gets put in once for free when you join the link exchange. For every dollar you donate, I'll place your blogs name in the hat one more time. This is a major way to generate traffic.

(2) Appear in the sidebar! The sidebar shows up on the front page, as well as EVERY OTHER PAGE. The top 100 Premium Blog donators will have their blogs listed here. Furthermore, the blog with the top donation will have their category on top (no more having "Personal Blogs" on top arbitrarily), the 2nd highest will have their category 2nd (unless they're part of the highest donator's category), etc. If you drop out of the top 100, you can always add to your current donation, you don't have to make a new donation or anything like that.

(3) Appear above the normal blogs on your category page! Click here to check out the "Personal Blogs" page and see where your Premium Blog will be listed. In fact, your link will be included twice on this page, once at the top, and once where it normally falls in the alphabet.

(4) Describe your site! Blogs that donate at least 10 dollars will be given the opportunity to provide a 100 character description for their blog on the category page. Sometimes the title isn't enough to get someone's attention, but 100 characters can definitely catch some more attention to your link.

(5) Appear on the Premium Blogs category page! This page will be a collection of all the blogs that have donated, and will surely be a regular stopping grounds for visitors to my page as it will be listed atop the other blog categories. Blogs in this category will be ordered by donation, so the higher your donation, the closer to the top you'll be.

(6) Premium Saturdays! Saturday is a highly trafficked day, lots of us are home for the day, and bored at our computers. So, only Premium Blogs will be eligible to win the "Bestest Blog of the Day" on Saturdays (don't worry, everyone else can still win on Mon-Fri). This isn't to say Premium Blogs can't win during the rest of the week, they still can...this just gives them an extra opportunity to win.

To donate via Paypal (fast, secure payments for anyone with a credit card or bank account) please click the "Paypal Donate" button near the top-right of the page. If you would like to pay with a cash, check, or money order in the mail, please contact me for my address.

Remember, the minimum donation is $1.00, and please only bid in increments of 25 cents (i.e. you can bid $1.75, but not $1.90) and be sure to include your blog title and/or URL so I know who's donating!

In many places I've said that blogs will be ordered by the size of their donation. In the event of a tie (two donations of the same size), preference will be given to the person who donated first.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


santa mistura said…
you don´t have a cathegorie that i can classifie my blog ; (( fashion and design
Portnoy said…
Wow - Bobby, I can't find your email but I'm here to say that Bestest Premium really works. I got a bunch of traffic today.

I know this sounds like an ad but it isn't. It's one happy customer!


Anonymous said…
Your "contact me" option returns an error when email is sent. Is there another option for contact?
R2K said…
I think it works now.
Jason said…
I want to know how you were able to get three columns on your site---I mean two side bars and one central page.

Please advise the name of the template you used from the blogger menu and what you added to your template settings to get the 3 columns.

Tricia said…
Ok I'm in. I've got four sites listed on your page though ... hmmm how much can, and should I donate to have them listed as premium blogs? You just featured Tricia's Musings as bestest blog of the day on Thursday and I'm still getting a lot of visitors from this site daily. It's worth donating- for sure! :)
Tom Bailey said…
Where does the donation go? To the developer of this blog or to another worthy cause?
Bobby Griffin said…
Yeah, it goes to me. But, I am a worthy cause! Just look what I've done for all these fine bloggers!
Starrlight said…
It's totally worth it! I will donate again when I get through the holiday wallet vacuum =)
Starrlight said…
Donated again in honor of all your work on the carnival. Thanks Bobby!
Lisa said…
Bobby - Hi, I paid for the premium blog upgrade yesterday, and I haven't heard back from you - wondering what's up?

same questions as Lisa abovve
MrTwix said…

Sent $20 to you via PayPal two nights ago. Just wanted to make sure you received the funds and also can you offer status on when my blog will be added to the premium list?


MrTwix said…

Thanks for the e-mail reply.. I sent another $20 donation to move me to the top of the list.. Maybe a bidding war will commence..


Emily said…
I don't know how does this work. Anyway it seems attractive.

Gledwood said…
What on earth has happened to the Random Blog button? I used to love hopping about on that, now it's totally gone... all I get is stuff about best blogs etc but no button I can press to randomly hop into someone else's blog... please could you explain what's happened to this facility or where I find it if it IS still out there?
You can leave a message at mine or answer here just please do answer!
Anonymous said…
Just sent a donation for our blog to be included:

Free Advertising Blogger

Thanks much!
hashmukh said…
Linda Robert said…
I have Added your link from Here
Where I have to fine mine.

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