Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/13/2006

Antichrist & Minotaur Man
Ok, my computer is kinda working, hopefully long enough for me to get through this post. This pick comes to us courtesy of Mo who writes the comedy blog Mo! where he writes as himself, as well former 'Bestest Blog' The Meathead Diaries, where he blogs as his character Guy Ernest.
If comedy is hard, a funny blog is even harder to write. Think I'm just writing a lazy intro? The highest ranked comedy blog on Technorati is "Overheard in New York," which is full of unintentional humor. Ze Frank's "The Show," the second highest ranked funny blog in the blogosphere, is a video blog. The highest ranked written, intentionally funny blog, "One Red Paperclip," is based on the incredible stunt of trading one red paper clip for a pen and so on all the way to a house. That blog is ranked 88.

Antichrist & Minotaur Man (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE IS ON THIS SITE) is a rare find then: a hilarious blog that is constantly updated with a warped sense of humor. What this blog doesn't do is every bit as admirable as what it does do. Instead of focusing on found humor ("Hey, check out this funny video of a fat man falling off a ladder and into a dumpster filled with mayonnaise-covered rats"), easy political humor ("Bush is dumb," "Mexicans no speakee English") or anecdotal humor ("I went to the store and bought vegetable oil instead of olive oil! LOLz!") like most blogs, "Antichrist & Minotaur Man" has an absurdly funny, original joke/written sketch almost every day.

Favorite posts include Weed Industry Roundtable Discussion, Dead or Alive Musicians, Printer Assistance Monologue, Fill in that Emo Lyric and James Blunt Rocks the Fans.

The only reason I thought about not linking to this blog was because I did not want to feed Antichrist and Minotaur Man's egos. See, they are both 18 years old. So please check out their hysterically funny blog and tell them Mo/Guy Ernest/Bestest Blog sent you!


R2K said…
Great page : )
Laffy Taffy said…
i go to your site all the time and now I hit it while next blogging what's up with that! I posted a link to you with just so you know for link exchange. I think now i'm gonna check out alex's page... Post a comment on my Cbox!
superstar said…
just a good life
Hope you'll visit me sometime.
Deborah said…
These blogs sound freakin' AWESOME! Imma goin' to dem sites right NOW!!!

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