Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/02/2006

Who Are We
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This pick comes to us from a blogger named Jessie. This blog spawned out of Jessie's other blog (Hunna's Happenings), when a tragic event changed her life and made what was once a fun and light-hearted blog a little more serious than she cared for it to be.

Thus started the blog "Who Are We," "a fun blog, a place to find me again" as Jessie describes it. Just about every day, she features a personal question, posts her answer to the question, and invites her readers to leave comments with their answers. It's a great, interactive and organized approach to the standard personal blog.

Here are some of my favorite of Jessie's previous questions for your perusement: What is your first memory?, What is your most prized possession?, and Where is your favorite vacation destination?

So, I encourage you to check out "Who We Are" and leave a few answers of your own. Heck, if you like a question enough, you could make a post about it on your own blog and leave a link in the comments on Jessie's blog for her and her readers to check out. Then everyone's happy! Ok, goodbye...get outta here and go check it out, courtesy of Bestest Blog!


Love to all........
COxford said…
This is an interesting blog and always gives a chance for some interesting comments.

C. Oxford
Julie said…
I love me some Jessie. She is much deserving of this title. Good choice.
humpty dumpty said…
Hi - linked to you now @ - I'd appreciate the favour on bestest...

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