Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/22/2006

Young and Broke Julie from "Flip This Body"

Amanda, over at Young and Broke, has made quite a name for herself in the Personal Finance (PF) blogging community. This "recently married 20-something Chicagoan working in financial services/software development" writes a daily blog on being young and, well, broke! She gives really great, solid and practical financial advise. Even if you're not young (or not broke) the information she delves out is extremely valuable to living a prosperous and frugal financial life. Her readers are also (on the majority) financial gurus, so you can often learn even more from reading the comments to each post.

My favorite articles help define what the hell are IRAs, 401Ks, and HSAs (that's a lotta abbreviations!) and why should I give a crap about them. She has a wealth of good advice on getting out of debt. Amanda uses her own personal life examples to help the reader better understand the impact these financial issues make in our lives. And she also has created her own line of refurbished vintage clothing, Poor York, so Amanda is quite the entrepreneur!

Since it's launch in December 2005, Amanda's blog has been featured in such publications as the Chicago Tribune and, so she's already gaining celebrity blogging status. I decided to honor her with Bestest Blog of the Day, not only because her blog kicks arse, but because I noticed an extreme lack of Personal Finance Blogs linked on the Bestest Blog of All-Time (there isn't even a category for it - very surprising to me, considering the wealth of PF Blogs out there; where are you, PF Bloggers???) I wanted Bobby's readers to benefit from the extremely valuable info, as I have.

So if you visit Amanda, let her know Julie from Flip This Body sent you, via the Bestest Blog of All-Time!


Morgen said…
Congrats Amanda!
Cool Flip This Friday entry, Julie! I gotta go surfin' to pick out a Morgen Monday....
Winner said…

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