New blogging for cash site

I found a new advertising site that is made EXCLUSIVELY for bloggers. It seems like a really genius idea! If you decide to sign up, please use my email ( as your referrer. You get paid for writing posts about different products and websites, so it's original content as opposed to generic ads in the margins of your site.

The only catch, well, not really a catch...but the only stipulation is that your blog must be as least 90 days old and have been continually updated during that time. This is to prevent people from creating new blogs just to make money. They want dedicated bloggers who have already proven their longevity!

So, if you're interested, the website is called And again, if you do signup, please use my email ( as your referrer. My blog was just approved and I can't wait to get started!!


mokaa said…
yes i really appreciate it, its very well written my blog is

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