Have your blog be bestest for a whole month!

Only 24 hours left of bidding for this month's "Bestest Blog of the Month." The current bid is still less than last month's ($51), even though this site has been continually growing, expanding, and improving. Check it out now, before it's too late!


Mistress Regina said…
I would suggest that you revised the name of this "award". It is, in fact, not "The Bestest Blog Of The Month"; that would reflect the site earned the distinction based on merit.

Perhaps This months "Bestest Bidder"; something that truly reflects the blog's position on your site.

I have not, do not and will not pay for link or for preferred spots. I do, though, have interest in link exchange.

There is a revenue stream I haven't seen thus far. A mall of sorts; you charge a monthly or annual fee to post a banner for the site. Do let me know if you pursue this idea.
Portnoy said…
well i might be a little biased, since i just won bestest 'bidder' but the 30 bucks I paid for a premium listing less then 2 weeks ago has increased my site traffic exponentially. Naturally I went for the ebay 'prize'.

secondly, the random blog button from bestest REALLY sends you to some good sites. Where I have spent hours using "next blog" and finding some cool places (see my random finds link) the sites here are higher quality AND you don't get the ads from the 'next' button.

you might reconsider your position. for 30 bucks it WILL drive traffic to your site. whether they stay or become return visits is up to the quality of your content.

OS9USER said…
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