Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/15/2006

Looking in My Rearview Mirror Julie from "Flip This Body"

In our fast-paced, media-crazed and superficial world, I often find myself searching for things that are inherently good; full of meaning, honest truth and simplicity. Sometimes a rerun of Leave It To Beaver can put me in the best mood. That show makes me long for a better world, where people are hard working, always look out for their neighbors and try their best to be a good person. You get a feeling of hope from watching that show; hope that a world like that is obtainable…somehow…someday…

I often find myself visiting Looking in My Rearview Mirror to find that feeling. Lue, the author, is a former Amish. She chose to leave the Amish faith 12 years ago and is now using her blog to look back at her choice and how it’s changed her life, for the better or worse. Lue is completely open to answering any and all questions about the Amish faith and encourages her readers to submit any questions they may have. Lue is a Christian, but I’m happy to say she does not force her opinions on her readers.

Lue still lives in Amish Country, Ohio, though; and even though she is no longer practicing strict Amish customs, there are certain values that are upheld in her community that put pressure on her on a daily basis. So much so, that she even seriously contemplated quitting blogging because one community member commented that many people in town were reading her blog; that she was hurting people with her words and she should watch what she says. I can’t imagine living in a community like that, where you are constantly scrutinized by your neighbors for voicing your thoughts and opinions. (It makes the world of “the Beav” seem a little less desirable.) But Lue forged ahead (unfortunately, after deleting all of her previous postings, in a knee-jerk reaction of fear and worry), and I am really proud of her for standing her ground and moving forward with bravery and dignity.

Her writing is super kooky-funny, wise, non-pretentious and the most honest and good-hearted you will ever read. Lue is quite a character; her personality reminds one of Goldie Hawn-meets-Edith Bunker. She writes about adjusting to the workforce (Amish women are not allowed to work; one big reason why Lue left the faith), her wonderful kids and husband (who are fabulous supporting characters) and her everyday adventures, with a Seinfeld-meets-Green Acres flair.

So check out Lue at Looking in My Rearview Mirror and tell her Julie from Flip This Body sent you, via The Bestest Blog of All-Time.


R2K said…
What a great perspective.
anubhav said…
cool stuff where do you get this from.

can you come to my site( click on ads.

i have clicked on your ads.
Morgen said…
Yay Lue!
alessia said…
For some reason I get a message saying that the blog doesn't exist when I click on the link... :(
Lexa Rosean said…
Hey what happened to Looking Through My Rearview Mirror. Link says URL is unavailable. I hope she's ok.
Meowkaat said… URL when I click on the links.
Sorry guys, I am gettting the same message. I don't know what is going on. I got on earlier in the morning and all was fine, but I have been checking it perodically and I can't do anything. I had two other people check on their computers, different networks, and the same...nothing. If anyone has any ideas on how to correct this let me know at:


Julie said…
Yeah, Lue emailed me this morning to thank me for the nomination, but that she was having problems getting on her own blog too! Hopefully this will be cleared up soon. Of all days!
Ok, I think it is back up. Bobby did email me and I checked what he suggested, however all was as it should be. The only thing I did then was hit the repubish entire blog button and there it was. Strange!

Sorry, about the inconvenience, I have never before had a problem like this, so I guess we will "chalk it to being a fluke incident."


What about my blog????
R2K said…
Clicking on adds is a mistake like that. It will likely result in google not paying you (or whoever).
kamibeth said…
congrats Lue!! For anyone that wants to read a great blog by a wonderful lady who will be a great authur someday go to her blog and go back often. It is wonderful. I have to check it everyday to see what she writes. She is a great person with a love for her family that is awesome. And she also tells some great stories!!
I am so happy for you lue!

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