Rerun Sunday: 09/17/2006

A World of Bloggers
Update: Many of the popular countries I have listed below are filled, but there are still plenty of vacancies left! So, if you live in or have lived in a semi-obscure country (or even if you haven't), check out this blog!

This blog choice is designed especially for those visitors who are reading from outside of the United States (though, Americans feel free to check it out too).

Rhys has a bit of a link exchange going on at his blog, kind of like I do here. But he doesn't accept just any old non-porno, non-spam blog like I do. Rhys is looking to exchange links with exactly 1 blog from every country. (I say sorry to my fellow Americans because I have already claimed the USA spot).

Rhys really has a creative concept here, but is just getting started with only 4 countries linked at the time of publishing (USA, Bangladesh, Burkino Faso, and New Zealand). So there are still plenty of countries left...lots of ones I know I have regular visitors in: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

So if you're interested in becoming the blogging representative for your country, or if you'd just like to surf some culturally diverse blogs, please visit Rhys's "A World of Bloggers" and tell him that the USA rep. sent ya!


superstar said…
just a good life
alphawoman said…
I recently found this blog and immediately put you on my blogline blogroll. I come here everyday and have found some tremendously interesting blogs. Thanks!!
excellent choice!
R2K said…
Yay I am in there!

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