Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/16/2006

Top Jokes
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I have always been very into comedy. All my favorite movies and TV shows are comedies, in college I was in an improv comedy group, and I once waited in line for 19 hours in January to see a live episode of Saturday Night Live. Another favorite of mine is reading jokes. I have a lot of people who forward jokes along to me, and I have a tendency to grab a joke book while sitting in the cafe area at Barnes and Noble. The reason I am telling you this, is that by this point, I have seen many of the same jokes regurgitated over and over again. But somehow, Archit over at Top Jokes has found a surplus of hilarious jokes that I have never heard before!

So, of course, in this paragraph, I am going to link you up to some of my favorites, all of which I have never heard before (there are a few funny ones that I have heard before, but that's not why this site won!): Father-in-law's Letter, Heights, and The CIA's Assassin.

There's a joke for almost every occassion, and a convenient search box to find them. Here is a very good one for all of us who run our own website or blog. And here's another one that I found particularly enjoyable since I'm a teacher (but you'll probably like it too!).

So for some fresh and funny jokes in the same, traditional format, check out Archit's "Top Jokes". I promise you won't be disappointed!


Jack said…
I thought this was a particularly good choice. I enjoyed this blog.
Jack said…
I thought this was a particularly good choice. I enjoyed this blog.

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