Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/28/2006

Is This REALLY My Life (or Co-Worker Hate Blog) guest blogger Neila from "Blog that Mommy!"

Linka72 describes herself as a “Call Center Slave.” It is a job that provides her with endless tales, which she shares in her blog, Is This REALLY My Life (or Co-Worker Hate Blog). Linka’s blog debuted in June, and over the summer she has shared the rantings and musings of her daily life with a little hateful gossip about her co-workers thrown in for good measure.

When I discovered this blog, I sat down and read almost every entry. Not only did it catch my attention, but it made me laugh so hard I cried. Anyone who has ever worked in an office environment, or who has enjoyed the movie Office Space, will enjoy this blog.

Linka writes about everything from a co-worker (Belly) who won’t stop staring at her breasts in Stop Looking At My Hooters, to another co-worker who steals her food out of the refrigerator in the break room. I think many of us can relate to her saga of office life, which is what makes her blogs so humorous. We have been there!

Linka is also very helpful with her useful critiques such as Facial Hair – WTF?? or Songs A Straight Man Should NEVER Be Caught Singing. In her recent piece, Speaking of Embarrassment, Linka tapped on current events with her take on the new season of Survivor and the racial division.

If you head over to Is This REALLY My Life, get ready to read until your sides hurt from laughing, and let Linka know Neila from Blog That Mommy! (and Bestest Blog) sent you.


Orhan Kahn said…
I recommend you check Linka72's blog out. She is quiet funny in her moments of angst and frustration.
Julie said…
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