Guest Bloggers

I thought I'd try a fun, new that will help me maintain the ever-growing amount of work needed to keep this site going (it's a lot for one person to handle!)!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I will be featuring a "Guest Blogger" who will make the pick of the day and write up a short article. And just so you don't think I'm trying to pawn off my work to you guys with no reward, here's your motivation:
(1) Recognizing a great blog you've found in my directory that maybe I've been ignoring (sorry, you can't pick your own, or your best friend's)
(2) A little extra exposure for your blog. At the top of the pick for that day I'll be sure to include something like "Today's pick comes to us from 'So and So' at 'Link to So and So's Blog'"
(3) A $1.00 Premium Blog credit

Anyway, I don't know if this idea is a good one or not. If I don't find any Guest Bloggers, I will still make the pick myself, no worries. But if anyone is interested, please email me at and we'll get it set up.


EthanUncut said…
Wow, this really is the bestest blog of all time.
BLEU 12 said…
This one is crazy. Check out my Daily Shave and see what you think. I must say that you have alot of different content on your site. You must be pulling in some money with the amount of ads on it. Holy shnikys
kEith said…
trying to add
some culture to the blog thing
be ...

R2K said…
I would like to try, I have sent you an email with the relevant information.

GhostRose said…
I'd definately be up for it! I'll just have a browse... :-)

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