Big Announcement (drumroll please!)

I started this site last June. Back then I was without a job, not even an interview lined up, I had no income and a LOT of free time. Now things are a little different...I have a job which has me pulling in enough to scrape by, but I have not nearly as much free time, and this site has EXPLODED in popularity. I have hundreds of returning visitors every day, hundreds of new visitors every day, all hungry for some great blogs to read (of which I have almost 1000).

As such, I have invited two of my most persistent and faithful readers to be regular guest bloggers for at least a month (or more!). Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World" will be writing every week for "Morgen Mondays"; and Julie from "Flip This Body" will have a blog pick for every "Flip This Friday" (which also happens to be the day she reveals her weekly weight loss). Both Julie and Morgen had already been guest bloggers and both had already requested another turn whenever I needed them!

So that means the weekly schedule will look something like this:
Morgen Mondays
Tuesday Guest Blogger
Wednesday (still me)
Thursday Guest Blogger
Flip This Fridays
Premium Saturdays (by me)
Rerun Sundays

Thanks so much to Morgen and Julie for agreeing to help me out every week, and I'm sure those two blogaholics will have some great picks for you guys! And this will give me more time to work on some of the behind the scenes things (adding links, removing old links, improving the random blog button, etc.)


Peg said…
That's fantastic--you've selected a couple of great writers!

Congrats to Morgen & Julie!
Morgen said…
BobbyG: you rock.
thanks for the honor.
I shall try to live up to the Bestest standards!, I gotta find a GREAT blog for Monday!!!!
superstar said…
just a good life
superstar said…
just a good life
Stevie D. said…
Wow, that is a lot of dedication!

-Steve (
R2K said…
This is a good idea!
Michael C said…
Congrats to Morgen and Julie. Bobby, just doing one guest blog gave me the tiniest inkling of the work you have been putting into your Bestest pick everyday. You deserve a break and some help.

I've recently discovered Morgen and have been to Julie's blog too. You are obviously leaving us all in good hands from what I can see!!

I wouldn't mind doing another guest shot if it's ever needed. Have a great weekend to all 3 of you!
Anonymous said…
Other than I wasn't invited, I am fine with this...
Jill said…
The first year of teaching is the hardest, but it is a great experience. Good luck!

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