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Ok, so has this list called the Hot 500. If you are unfamiliar with Blogrolling, basically it's a site that offers a free service of making and maintaining a list of blog links (though really you can link to anything with it, not just blogs).

So, what the Hot 500 is is the 500 blogs (though again comes in on the list at #163 for example) which are linked by their users, ranked by the number of links to the site. Right now I am currently linked by 53 other blogs through Blogrolling. For comparison, #500 on the Hot 500 is linked by 129, not that much more at all.

So, I am officially beginning a push to make it onto this list. Remember, more exposure for me means more exposure for anyone I link's another win-win situation.

I really do recommend the Blogrolling service, it's free, easy, and useful...the only reason I don't use it here is the free account only affords a user one master list of links, which doesn't fly with the category system I have here.

So, if you have a Blogrolling account, you should be able to just Click Here to Blogroll Me! Even if you're not interested in the Blogrolling service, if you wanna help me out and create an account, add my link, and just not install the code on your site, I think it still counts toward my Hot 500 bid.

Thanks a bunch!


Fuck You Google said…
Yeah, I've been looking at that site, as well as many others.

I don't know, though...

I have a "link back" button on the bottom of my page, and it seems so complicated to try to get attention through these various free services (like what you've mentioned).

I've probably got the wrong idea, but I just do my best to get the word out on my own, and not even directly.

I just started leaving a link to my blog after whatever I'm commenting on, with hopes that somebody will check me out and link back to me using the code at the end of the page.
I found blogrolling via another blog about a week ago and thought it was cool because I have so many 'favorite blogs' I can hardly keep track of them all!! I think I stuck you in my blogroll, but I'll double check. :)
Harvey Morrison said…
google penalizes these kinds of links now. I wouldn't do it.

harvey morrison

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