Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/09/2006

Blog That Mommy!
Welcome to the 4th edition (wow 4th already) of Premium Saturdays, where always featured is a Premium Blog.
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Neila is a stay-at-home mother who says her job is the most rewarding, fulfilling, and frustrating job she's ever had. I love the reason she lists for why she started her blog: "Lack of adult interaction...practice talking to people older than age four." I challenge anyone to come up with a better reason to start a blog, haha!

Here is an adorable picture of her kids from Halloween, and there are lots more where that came from! I absolutely love kids and can't help loving this blog. As you know, I am young (23), but am married and can without a doubt say that we will have kids someday. Whether it's by natural means, seeing a doctor, or adoption, there will be kids in our life. Who knows, maybe I'll still be running this blog then too! Maybe, my wife can join Neila in her webring of Blogging Mommies.

There are a ton of adorable stories about her kids, like Halloween Costume Shopping and Pre School Open House. One other less-kid oriented feature Neila has is her "Thursday 13" where she does a list, 13 items long, of something about herself. This week was talents she possesses, last week was a really good one, her brutal addictions.

So, please go and check out Neila's "Blog That Mommy!" an excellent site for anyone who has kids, plans to have kids, or just flat out loves kids (not in that way, you pervs). Tell her that Bobby and Bestest Blog sent ya!


Mimi Lenox said…
What an adorable picture!
R2K said…
Those kids are so cute : )

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