Computer Down Time

Due to the fact that my computer won't load the operating system, we are having an unexpected and undesired day off here. Hopefully, I'll get it fixed and push the guest blogger from today to tomorrow. Right now, I am on my wife's computer, but she doesn't have any of the files that I need, plus it's hella late I've been trying to fix mine all night.

Sorry folks!


Serena said…
Yeah, this is a great blog, I think everyone should check it ou---wait----wha---????? holy crap! obligitory encouragement responses need not apply!!! O_O

hehe... day off = good day to sleep in (blogaphorically speaking of course). wait... what am i talking about? i just dont know anymore!
R2K said…
Ugh I had that recently. But my computer breaks so often I am now used to it. I can back up in only 2 or so hours.
Prometheus said…
NOW Prometheus understands why his blog didn't get the best blog of the day today. Bobby's computers were down, otherwise ya know, dat ol blog of Prometheus would've been king of the hill.

Promethean excuse # 4473 for not being bestest blog.

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