Happy Labor Day

Well, it's Labor Day and I've been laboring over this new template. I think it's simpler and easier on the eyes.

If you guys could do me a favor, and if you find a link that isn't working, or if it seems the blog is formatting weirdly in whatever browser you are using, please let me know so I can (try and) fix it.



Neil said…
The new template looks great!

Regarding the "Random blog" button - it works the first time I click it. To use it a second time, do I have to come back to the Bestest site first?

Happy Labor Day!
Bobby Griffin said…
Hi Neil,

Thanks for stopping by.

Good question, yes, currently that is the only way to do it. But, making 'Random Blog' searching easier is next on my "To Do" list for the site.
Kirsten said…
The strikeout feature on blogs that have already been visited is gone. It was soooo handy, and no, I did not delete my cookies. Can you bring it back? Thank!
Bobby Griffin said…
Hi Kirsten,

I really liked the strikeout feature too, but unfortunately, it caused me more grief than anything. You wouldn't believe how many people I got asking "how come my blog is crossed out??!?"

Now, links you've been to are unbold, and ones you haven't been to are bold. Maybe I'll add the strikeout feature back someday!
Mimi Lenox said…
The page looks nicer and less cluttered. It loads faster and I like it.
Thanks for helping me with my logo. It worked!
Peg said…
I like the new template, Bobby!

Keep up the great work!

Kirsten said…
I figured the bold thing out. I think it looks nicer than the strikeout. Either way, I'm happy as long as there's a way to tell which blogs I've visited already.

Also, I found 2 dead blogs:
Aesthetic Vibrations
Life as we know it...
FoxxFyrre said…
Hi Bobby
Nice improvements the template looks great. if it keeps getting better you'll have to add a forum for all your bestest bloggers to play in :)
see ya
Love to all..........
Michael C said…
The new format looks great. It turned out quite well.
Morgen said…
Hi Bobby, I like the bold/unbold feature better than the strikeouts. I figured it out quickly, and hopefully you will have fewer "why aren't I a bold link" than you had "why am I struck-through" -- and yes, I realize I was one of the first to say "why am I struck-through?"!!!
I like the new layout overall -- I agree that it's more user-friendly. I especially like the way to access by category now.
So, are you working towards having a Random Blog button on our sites?
Keep up the great work! ~mo
...now seeing all these bold sites means I have some surfin' to do!
COxford said…

I visit every day. I reckon I'm old and resist change. I'll have to adapt to the new look.

The Best to You,

C. Oxford
terra shield said…
Nice new look... and loads quicker than the previous template. Kudos to you!
GhostRose said…
I'm going to have to get used to this! It looks pretty though. :-)
Laffy Taffy said…
The word travel, where it says travel blogs in the sidebar, is red instead of gray like the rest of the sidebar things. You can't see it because of the blue background. Everything else is sick!
Yeah Yeah!
GhostRose said…
I found this dead link while I was browsing the random blogs:

Julie said…
I really like the drop down feature at the top. And it's just prettier. I mean, handsome..er...
MountainBoomer said…
Nice site. I just found you about 2 days ago. I like your tri-column ( 2 sidebar) template. I've been looking around blogspot for tri-columns to study for my bosses site.

On my 19 " monitor @1024 x 768 res., your page fits perfectly. On a 17" monitor, 800 x 600 res, there is a scrollbar with about a 1/2" of scroll. No biggie, no problem, just thought you'd like to know. I like the way your page resizes itself, by the way. Neat template.
Denny (mountain boomer)
Tanning Lotion said…
Great blog, you have put a lot of effort in it too spread the word. Keep up the work.

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