Bestest Blog of the Month TIME AGAIN!

Bidding has commenced for next month's "Bestest Blog of the Month." Bidding starts are only 1 penny!!

Not only will your blog be featured in the top left corner, but you'll appear extra often in the "Random Blog" rotation for this month and months to come, with the new premium blog incentive. Check out the eBay listing for full details.

This month's winner has reported to me an increase in visitors so large that it averages out to less than 1 cent per visitor (try getting advertising that cheap with Google Adsense!). So, if you think your blog might be ready for the big-time, check it out! Or if you have a blog you really like that might be interested, let them know about this great opportunity.


Anonymous said…
Hope my blog will be on your list one day!~Hoho
Kilroy said…
(. .)
Kilroy was here.
R2K said…
I whish I could afford it.
I do love your blog and the way your market it. I think it is very ingenious. Does it do well for you?

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