Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/27/2006

Home Ec. for Grownups
Sometimes when I'm writing my reviews, I feel like it's cheating to copy and paste a description they have on the site. But sometimes they're so well-written and to the point that I can't help it, like this one: "'Real life' home economics – simple recipes that work, household hints and tips, bargain shopping suggestions, decorating ideas, popular culture and more. I don't write about it unless I've tried it."

Now, I'm newly married, newly living on my own, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't know crap when it comes to taking care of the house or preparing dinners that don't involve the microwave (well, maybe my wife would be the first to admit it, but that's another story entirely). This site is an excellent resource for people like me (without a clue) and even more experienced adults who are looking for a quick tip or great, new recipe. Polly even has a wide collection of shopping guides and tips, as well as mini-movie reviews. (Side note: Blogger Beta makes writing my reviews MUCH easier with the handy-dandy categories. Wowweeee!)

So, if you're a teenager, and mom makes dinner every night, and you only do the bare minimum as far as household chores go, then this site probably isn't for you. For the rest of us (in the "real world" as Polly puts it), go and check out "Home Ec. for Grownups". I guarantee you'll find at least one helpful idea to walk away with, courtesy of Polly (and indirectly Bestest Blog).


Peanut said…
OMG! It's Wednesday!??!!??!
Franco said…
nice theme!
that is my page:
Shan said…
I'm 20 now, but still don't need the recipes!

I love my mom!
Mike Perry said…
Yummm, everyone needs recipes, no matter what age. Like the style and content of your blog - Mike.
TheBusyDad said…
Men -- most men, this is not a blanket statement -- don't know squat about cooking until their wives or girlfriends teach them how to move beyond scrambled eggs and Campbell's.
Giancarlo said…
The Artist said…
What a great site

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