Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/25/2006

Memoirs of a Gouda Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

Today's Morgen Monday brings us to the Wonder Of Washington State: Allie D's Memoirs Of A Gouda.

Since her blog's subtitle is "Grabbing Life By The Curds, Searching For Wisdom Along The Whey..." you know you're in for a punny good time searching through her aged cheese bin.

She describes herself as "almost 27 years old, a full-time mother of two and a full-time student" and she maintains several blogs, on top of those two-full time occupations!

Whether it's skewering world leaders, wishing for special abilities, or waxing poetic about the failed marriages of celebrities, Allie delivers pointy wit and a bouquet of flavor, just like a shaker of romano cheese.

While talking about her children, she fills you with gooey goodness like a warm brie. My favorite posts of her involve candy, surprisingly, not cheese! Check out her Leave It Dead series on candy: from circus peanuts to ju ju bees to gummy worms, this Gouda knows her sweets!

Somehow, along with all her interests, school, and two adorable kids, she has time to blog. Blog On, Allie D, Blog On! So, head on over to Memoirs Of A Gouda, and tell her that Morgen and Bestest Blog sent ya!


Matt-Man said…
Although cheesy at times, it IS a very gouda site. When Halloween gets close she has great posts about muensters. Her writing is light and brie-zy as well. Her father Jack, lives in Monterey, and she is a big fan of Ray Romano...

Congrats, Allie!!
Allie D. said…
Thank you, Matt dear. Like Cheez Whiz left in the microwave too long, my cup runneth over... ;)
Army said…
Congrats to Allie!! You make an old friend proud : )

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