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New York Bathrooms
Today brings us another guest blogger, many of you have visited her already, Serena from "Life is falling to pieces: an illustrated journal". I guess I've kind of adopted the policy for guest bloggers of I can assign you a date, or you can just send it in and I'll run it when I can!
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I think I can say with some assurance, that if there’s one thing that we, human beings, all have in common as a species, it is our need to visit the bathroom on a regular basis. Thus, I can also speculate that since we are a mobile group, most everyone can relate with the situation of having to go, but not having a place to go, and having to settle for the closest public rest room available for use. Its kinda like Russian Roulette: will you be relieving yourself in the lapse of luxury, or be repulsed by having to do your business in the worst bathroom ever?

This is the very premise of New York Bathrooms, a blog dedicated to the various bathrooms of New York City. It’s such a delightfully odd, and strangely fascinating visual experience that I just can’t… look… away! “Cool!” “Gross!” “Wha?” These are just some of my reactions some of the more bizarre bathrooms, such as the porta-potty, the graffiti tagged pizzeria, and the e-bathroom.

Another cool thing about this blog is that Alex D. allows readers to submit their own images from New York and around the world to be posted on the site. Readers have submitted bathroom pics from as far away as Bagdad, South Africa, and Malaysia! It’s an interactive experience!

Perhaps the next time I go into the city I might be inspired to snap a few shots… you should do the same and head over to New York Bathrooms and say hi! Tell Alex that Bestest Blog and Serena sent ya!


Morgen said…
Dang, BobbyG, what time zone is New Jersey in now???
It's 9pm Thursday night in the Eastern Time Zone, yet allofasudden you're posting Friday's Bestest! Wow -- I didn't know you had a time machine in this here site, too!!!
I guess they dont' call it Bestest fer nuthin'!!!!
Bobby Griffin said…
Umm yeah, well, I have to BE at work at 7:30 in the morning, so Ill probably be posting pre-midnight from now on (but I like to change the time so the post actually appears with the date that it is awarded for).
Serena said…
time keeps on slipping... slipping... slipping... into the future!!
Becky said…
Extremely interesting idea for a blog! I'm on my way to check it out.
R2K said…
Thanks for the review, I encourage anyone who wants to email me photos at arlukiii at

You get your web page posted in the process!
Jill said…
Punter said…
:-) great post..!! interesting Idea. i have an idea about Bathrooms

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