Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/06/2006

meloncutter musings
Another guest blogger today! Why? Two reasons: (1) Our guest blogger, "The Thinker" from "Theory of Thought" sent me a review without setting up a date first. And rather than add her to the end of the line (late September) and have the review get stale, I decided to post it now. (2) I am crazy busy and semi-stressed out with my first ever week of teaching. I'm sure things will settle down soon!
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He's absolutely hilarious. He has an obsession with flatulence. He's about to make his 200th entry into his blog. Why he hasn't won the Bestest Blog of the Day Award yet escapes me. Who is he? Meloncutter from Meloncutter Musings, of course!

I don't know of any other blogger who can turn the most profane and vulgar phrases we've become so used to into perfectly harmless sayings (that I will definitely start using). "KISS MY ASS. (alternative:) Please make smootchie smootchie noises down betwixt the bifurcated slabs of my gluteous maximus."

Who else would teach us what is and isn't appropriate touching in the workplace?

And who do we have to give us the weekly "That Really Chaps My Ass" (TRCMA) award where we get to laugh at all the things that annoy him to no end?

The funniest thing I've read in ages has to have been his Flatulence Etiquette, a set of eight guidelines that (and I quote): "the youth of the world can use to get the maximum benefit from their flatulence".

If anyone deserves to win Bestest Blog of the Day, it's him. If anything, he should be receiving an apology for not becoming Bestest Blog of the Day sooner. Nothing I could say to describe his blog would do it justice, so you'll just have to go read it for yourself. Tell him that Bestest Blog (and The Thinker) sent you his way!


Michael C said…
Way to go melon. You know you are one of my favs!!!!!!
Neil said…
Good luck with your teaching, Bobby!
Sharon G said…
Hey Bobby. Just wanted to let you know I have been giving your website address out to some of my friends. I really like it. You can get hooked on this.
Bruno Amato said…
I think it's cool too! Check me out Bobby....I'm a former Jersey boy!!! Bruno
Peg said…
A fine choice! I am enjoying his blog a LOT!

Good luck with the first week, bobby--you'll be great!
the Laughorist said…
Bobby, keep up the good work, and Meloncutter Musings is among the goodest of them all (hey, go easy; if you can say 'bestest,' I can say 'goodest.' There. We're even.)

Word verification = FKXNL. Sounds like a curse from someone who is now in the American League.
odat said…
Hurray for Melon!!!! Love the Melon!!!


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