Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/05/2006

Joke Diary
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Everyone likes a good joke. They can be used at parties, to loosen up a crowd before you deliver a speech or just to cheer you up. Today's Bestest Blog Of The Day, Joke Diary, has got plenty of them. This entertaining blog has jokes that range from adult to the simple.

Joke Diary's title says "The Best Collection of Jokes and Humor. Everyone needs a good laugh." The only thing you will find on this blog is jokes. People will pay good money for books full of jokes, but this blog posts them for all to see and use. My favorite joke was this one that listed real answers from a California Driving School. Joke Diary has been running since May of 2006 and already has a pretty impressive collection of jokes in their archives. You should definitely spend some time going through past posts.

Joke Diary is updated with a new joke daily and joke submissions are welcomed. As the blog says, "I'm sure there's something to make you laugh if not smile." So if you are looking for a good joke for your next get together or just want a good laugh, please head on over to Joke Diary. You won't be able to read just one. Go ahead and try, I dare you. Let em know that Michael (via Bestest Blog) sent ya!


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Good review!

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