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External Hard Drive [PPP]

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Last Christmas I got an external hard drive from my wife to back up some of my more important files. It's like 30 gigabytes, but I really don't need that much. Probably 2GB would suffice...but external hard drives only come in big sizes. Plus, even on sale this one was over $50. Compare that to an online site like IDrive-E Online Backup who offer 2GB online storage for free!!! That's $0 per month! They do also have an unlimited space option for only $4.95 per month. That's infinity gigabytes per dollar!

My slacking...

I'm really sorry I've been slacking lately. It's been a ridiculously busy time in my personal life. My wife and I have been forced to move from one apartment to another one an hour away. Meanwhile, we are trying to search for a new home two states away. All along, for some reason February and March are the busiest months on the school calendar and I have a PRAXIS exam I should be studying for (the standardized test of teachers). Unfortunately, this has coincided with a rough patch for this site. Stay tuned for Bestest Blogs Thursday and Friday, followed by a nice healthy update this weekend and a bit more detail with what's been going on, both with this site and in my life!

Lasik [PPP]

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I recently wrote about and now they are in a magazine article! US News and World Report recently did a covet story on Lasik eye surgery. US News and World Report quotes Glenn Hagele (founder and Executive Director of the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance) about the importance of selecting a surgeon when considering Lasik eye surgery. Hagele says that, "No amount of technology can make up for an inferior surgeon." publishes the "50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor." A sure fire questionnaire to help determine the quality of your doctor. They also have a large database of certified Lasik surgeons that can be trusted.

Bestest Blog of the Day: 02/26/2007

Sarge Charlie
...a review by Skittles!

The Bestest Blog Of The Day award goes to a blog that is long overdue in receiving it.. Sarge Charlie!!!

From the beginning of Sarge's addiction blog, he has been mainly focused on the military and his love of country. It's easy to see why when you read this post he wrote about how he learned sacrifice and respect after his father joined the Navy. A little further into his blog he urges us all to Find A Soldier In Uniform To Say Thanks.

Another good place to learn a little more about Sarge is to read this post he did to answer his grandson's homework questions. He's not afraid to voice his opinions either as you'll see when you read Forever Stupid.

Sarge enjoys a good game of poker and going on cruises, although this is one from 2004. (Not the one you might be more familiar with.) He's very devoted to his wife and shows it in Bee My Valentine.

I encourage you to pay Sarge a visit. Tell him Skittles and The Bestest Blog Of All…

Home Loan [PPP]

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FINANCE FINALLY MADE EASY Finance Company: Facilitating all walks Getting a home loan has never been so easy. Start Finance offers a no fuss alternative to buying a new home and buying it fast. Whether you have bad credit rating, are self employed, or earn a minimum wage Start Finance offers a range of home loan solutions catered to suit you. Start Finance operates on the mantra that no matter who you are or whatever financial situation you’re tied to, you’re eligible for a home loan irrespective of what target market you fall into, finally a no strings attached solution to finance. So what’s the big deal anyway, isn’t this just another one of the many finance companies that locks you into a contract and hits you with high interest rates in the future? Well that’s exactly what excludes Start Finance from its competitors. Being a boutique lender Start Finance can afford to offer the lowest rates in comparison to…

Bestest Blog Carnival of Finance

The next Bestest Blog Carnival is up for your weekend viewing pleasure! The topic this time around was finance. Thanks so much to Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving for hosting this!

As always, if you participated in the carnival (or even if you didn't), I ask that you put up a link and hopefully send a visitor or two her way. Thanks!

PayPerPost Rumor [PPP]

PayPerPost never goes long without some big announcement. This is the life of an up and coming web company. Segmentation rocked the Postie world just a few weeks ago and there is already something new brewing for the near future. It's a well known fact that there is a big announcement coming, but Pay Per Post has been pretty tight lipped about it.

But, I heard a rumor on the Pay Per Post boards yesterday that I think HAS to be true. It would be big, it would benefit everyone involved, and I think it would be fun.

What I'm talking about is product reviews. Up until now, Pay Per Post has dealt mostly with bloggers doing reviews of other websites. However, it is very common in the advertising world for people to be paid to review actual products. The great part of this is that the participants are usually provided with the product to try and to keep! Imagine being paid to review something like the new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, and receiving the vacuum cleaner itself as pay…

Weekend Updates?

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned this weekend's updates yet. Well, I was REALLY busy with the improv show yesterday (which went great by the way, I'll see if I can get some video).

At this point, I am banking on not having to teach tomorrow and being able to do them then. If we get half of what the forecast is calling for, we'll definitely have the day off. If not, then I'll try and get them done tomorrow anyway after school!

The Ultimate Gift [PPP]

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No, this post isn't a very, very, very early Christmas gift idea post. It's about a new upcoming movie! The reason I really wanted to post about this is because the movie features Abigail Breslin from "Little Miss Sunshine." That was an amazing movie and I hope she wins the Academy award. And I'm sure she'll help make this movie amazing as well. Based on a book of the same name, "The Ultimate Gift" was a cult sensation and sparked a movie. Its message is simple: "The only way you can truly get more out of life for yourself is to give part of yourself away." As such, it has sparked a wave of generosity towards charity and it is being reported that already 5 million dollars has been raised for charitable causes as a result! This is the official site of the movie "The Ultimate Gift" and the grass-roots movement its starting to help charities and g…

Rerun Sunday: 02/25/2007

Memoirs of a Gouda Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

Today's Morgen Monday brings us to the Wonder Of Washington State: Allie D's Memoirs Of A Gouda.

Since her blog's subtitle is "Grabbing Life By The Curds, Searching For Wisdom Along The Whey..." you know you're in for a punny good time searching through her aged cheese bin.

She describes herself as "almost 27 years old, a full-time mother of two and a full-time student" and she maintains several blogs, on top of those two-full time occupations!

Whether it's skewering world leaders, wishing for special abilities, or waxing poetic about the failed marriages of celebrities, Allie delivers pointy wit and a bouquet of flavor, just like a shaker of romano cheese.

While talking about her children, she fills you with gooey goodness like a warm brie. My favorite posts of her involve candy, surprisingly, not cheese! Check out her Leave It Dead series on candy: from circus peanu…

RemotePC [PPP]

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RemotePC - Remote Access helps you access your PC from anywhere. This is like turning your desktop into a portable laptop that weighs nothing. Imagine being able to access your computer from anywhere you can find another computer: the library, your work, your school, etc. All this for only $4.95 per month, after your free 30 day trial of course. Try to find a laptop that only costs $4.95 per month...that's a hard price to beat.

PayPerPost ads

Lately I've been doing more PayPerPost (PPP) ads than normal. But I can't help myself! Ever since PPP introduced segmentation, a high-trafficked, high-PR blog like mine has lots of good opportunities for posts.

Well, I've had one person comment (and probably some more people silently think the same), that the ads are becoming a bit obstrusive. So, as you can see at the top of the center column here I've added a link that says "Click here to hide/show all PayPerPost ads below." Per PPP rules, I cannot hide these ads by default, but certainly I can give my readers an easy option to hide these ads and just view the regular content.

So there you go! I hope this improves your Bestest Blogging experience! Let me know what you guys think of this new feature and if you will be using it when you visit...

Cisco Wifi [PPP]

The following is a PayPerPost advertisement...scroll down for more posts... offers a lot of services to its visitors. In fact in taking this PayPerPost opportunity, I was able to select from 5 different, interesting topics to write about such as their data centre (I love having freedom!) Well, I chose to write about their Wifi services. I think wireless internet is amazing! This is like something straight out of a futuristic novel. To think that only 10 years ago we were signing onto the internet with slow 14.4 modems that tied up our phone lines all night. And go back 20 years and the internet was some fancy government-only resource. Kind of exciting to imagine where we could be in another 10 years when so much advancement is taking place. But whatever happens, it's probably a solid bet that Cisco will be at the forefront of it all!

Bestest Military Blog

There is a site out there called, a site kind of similar to mind in goals, but completely dedicated to those whose blogs focus on their heroic careers in the military.

Two of my favorites from my site can be found over on Milblogging. Former Bestest Blog of the day Sgt Dub is there. And (future Bestest Blog of the Day?) Sarge Charlie is there as well. In fact, Sarge Charlie is in a competition for Best U.S. Military (Veteran) Blog. He's in 2nd place and can really use your votes!

SEO Case Study [PPP]

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I love writing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I understand a lot about the topic from what I learned as a computer science major in college, but doing these sponsored posts helps me learn a little more. Plus as most of my readers are avid bloggers, I hope you can learn a little and understand better the dynamics of the world wide web.

eTraffic Jams is an SEO company (love the name by the way fellas). And how you can tell they are legit is the 4 testimonials they've provided for reference. One of the best ones is for This company had previously tried another SEO company that was able to deliver results for certain search engines, but not for Google. I mean, that's the main one you really want to get on top of! This just goes to show you that the SEO process isn't isn't a science...and who you choose really does make a difference. eTraffic Jams was a…

Domain Names

Well, at this point and both get you to the same place. So feel free in your linking to put it as either. In fact they both have the same Page Rank. This says to me that although at this point most of the links out there point to, there is some sort of symbiotic relationship out there as far as page rank goes.

Do you know how much domain names cost? If you really don't, take a guess at the yearly price. Ok got it? Did you guess about $8? Because that's how much they cost per year! You might have guessed higher. Most people confuse hosting prices with domain names. Hosting prices are what you pay a company to provide a place to put your website files (kinda like what Blogger does for free). Domain names are just a name.

But, New Blogger has an easy way to set up configuring your domain name in. If anyone is interested in buying one, I'd be happy to help you set it up.

Stay tuned…

Therapists [PPP]

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Whether you're trying to find Miami Therapists or Chicago Therapists or whatever...choosing a therapist is a big decision. You're trying to pick the person to counsel you help get your life on the right track. Well, (formally is a very good resource for this type of thing. They've been around since 1996 and were the first site of their kind. They have a super sophisticated search engine to help you easily find a local therapist.

Improv Comedy

Have I mentioned that I used to do improv comedy back in college? You know like "Whose Lines Is It Anyway?" Well, I started an improv group at the high school I'm teaching at, and that's part of the reason I've been so busy. Our first show is tomorrow night, wish us luck!

Contact Lenses [PPP]

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Time to talk about contact lenses. Although I personally do not use eye correction, I know that I'm in the tiny minority, and I'm sure as I get a little older, I'll need glasses or contact lenses. In fact, I think I'm already getting a little near sighted...

My brother-in-law recently got contact lenses after wearing glasses for years, and it was funny hearing about his first "lens insertion experience." The poor guy probably tried for a full hour to get the lens into his eye, and by the time it was finally in correctly, his eye was as bloodshot as can be. There's definitely a learning curve to contact lens insertion, because now he can do it in the dark.

Other than the difficulty of getting contact lenses in, they are really more convenient than glasses in my opinion. With glasses, you have to keep them with you all the time, you might get that characteristic red mark on your n…

Bestest Blog of the Month

I am really excited about the most recent Bestest Blog of the Month auction on E-bay. It's always an unpredictable auction, but this time, the high bid is already $41.00. Of course, there's no way to know if the bid will stagnate at $41, or skyrocket to over $100. Either way, you can bet that I'll be watching it carefully over the next few days.

Underwear Commentary [PPP]

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It's time to flesh out the Oscars by discussing the Intimate Guide Academy Awards coverage, or lack thereof.

The 79th Annual Academy Awards is coming up very soon (Sunday, Febuary 25th, starting at 6:00PM EST). The staff at the Intimate Guide will be doing a feature blog broadcast live during the red carpet. Check them out to get real time talk about the arrivals on the red carpet...and their underwear.

That's right, the topic of discussion, as it always is at the Intimate Guide will be underwear. And with a name like Intimate Guide, what else would you expect. Check out their blog feature during the Oscars this Sunday to get all the info on what those Hollywood starlets are wearing under those fabulous gowns. This site is great for women who are getting ready to go to a gala themselves. You'll get answers to the common questions, such as "How do they smooth their tummies, shape their rear…

Walkersville, MD

If any of you have lived in Frederick or Walkersville, MD, please give me some advice!

My wife and I are looking to purchase a townhouse, and since we are first time home buyers, we have to learn the whole process from scratch. Plus, we are relocating to an area we've never been to before, and where we have no family or friends, so we're having a tough time trying to ensure we'll be in the "good neighborhoods."

Home Loans [PPP]

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Well, we're looking into getting a house for our next move. We're sick of renting! AHH! Homes are more affordable than you might think. In fact the rent for a place is probably similar to the mortgage the person who owns it is paying. Buying a home is a long process though. Well, it used to be longer before fast home loans. 90 second application form without a Social Security Number (not a good idea to give that out on the internet), plus they have lenders competing just like that other lending site (that involves trees, I don't wanna say their name here though).

To Do List

Like I said a few days ago, I'm compiling a to-do list of what I need to do with this site before the grand re-opening. I will add some things to this list as the days go on, and I'll cross them off as I finish them.

1. Update new link exchanges
2. Create banners for previous winners
3. Rework template a bit
4. Finish HTML coding
5. Get rid of un-updated blogs (>30 days since update)
6. Get rid of blogs who have gotten rid of me

Nintendo DS [PPP]

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As I have stated before on my site here, I am a huge video game fan. I think the pop culture term for that is "dork" but I like to avoid negativity :) Lately I've been pretty into XBox, but my first love will always been the Nintendo. Plus, as far as hand held video consoles go these days the Nintendo DS is hard to beat. DSBrowse is a review site devoted to this dual screen innovative system. My favorite game for the DS is the Brain Age game that is supposed to train your brain as you play it. I've also always been a fan of Mario Kart DS.

The best part about this site (as opposed to other video game sites like Game Spot or IGN) is that there is no corporate sponsorship. No corporate sponsorship means honest reviews, not puff pieces about games that aren't worth your time or attention. It's like if Ebert and Roepert were sponsored by Disney or Paramount or some other movie compan…

I haven't been getting around...

Sorry guys that I haven't been doing my regular blog rounds as much. I've been really busy with real life lately and all of my internet time has been going into trying to get my blog here back on track! I know that many people rely on their MyBlogLog to catch me when I make a visit. So I'm sorry you haven't seen my smiling face up there lately!

SEO Consultant [PPP]

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Shimon Sandler (yes, that's Shimon, not Simon...and yes that's Sandler as in Adam Sandler) is an SEO Consultant turned blogger. Seems like anyone who is anyone in business or entertainment these days is blogging. But it makes much more sense for an SEO Consultant like Shimon.

Checking out Shimon's site, his SEO strategies are VERY methodical. He is my kinda guy. You can tell just by looking at his site that he is a list maker, which in my opinion is a great thing. It shows organization and goal-oriented focus. For example, he has a 16 item long task list for SEO Consulting. Ideas ranging from "Understanding Client’s Business Objectives & Strategic Marketing Plan" to "Competitive analysis for main keywords/keyword phrases in Search Engines" to "Recommendations to optimize source code including the URL, filenames, page titles, descriptions, javascript, etc" a…

Bestest Blog of the Day: 02/22/2007

Dixie's Heart and Soul
...a review by Empress Bee (of the High Sea) at Muffin53

I first met Dixie Chick at Dixie's Heart and Soul through Sarge Charlie, he would tell me to go look at something she said and off I would run to see. I realized she is a very special lady with a very special blog. She is very patriotic and I like that very much. Dixie is a single mom and there is always a special place for those in my heart. She talks about her son that is about to be a Marine, and you can feel the pride emanating from her. She shows us her daughter's artwork with pride. She teaches us so many useful things!

It is my great pleasure to bestow the Bestest Blog of the Day to Dixie Chick!

Business Opportunity [PPP]

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Ok, so you're on the internet, you're blogging, and you're loving it! You're sneaking onto your blog during working hours, you're avoiding household duties and chores for your blog, it's like an addiction! That sounds like it could be bad, but it doesn't have to be. If you're smart about it, you can turn all this enjoyable time and energy spent on the internet into a profitable livelihood. You just need to find a online business opportunity to get you going. And why not? Soon the number of dot com businesses will outnumber the total of retails stores and shops and by the time my generation hits their twilight every single person in America will be surfing the web. Consider this your chance to get in on the ground level!

Bestest Blog of the Month time again!

Only one more week left in February (man that was a quick month!). That means it's time to open up the bidding to become Bestest Blog of the Month for March 2007. As always, bidding starts at only a penny and will only go as high as my faithful readers and fellow bloggers feel it should go. Good luck, thanks for looking, and here's that link again if you need it.

SEO Companies [PPP]

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Where do a lot of successful websites get there traffic from? Well, some sites such as Best Buy or or Expedia have been come household names and can afford million dollar TV ad campaigns. What about the next tier of successful websites? Believe it or not they get a TON of their traffic from search engines. Some search terms are searched for thousands and thousands of times every day. If your site is #1 or even in the top 10 for that keyword, you're bound to get a ton of traffic. Luckily you don't have to worry about this all by yourself. Perhaps you're not a computer wiz and your time is better spent focusing on other aspects of your website. That's why there exist SEO Companies (Search Engine Optimization) like Bay St. SEO. Bay St. is at the top of their game and can really get you some big hits. This isn't free, but the cost per visit far outweighs any other option out…

Carnival Time!

Wow, one post about the carnival and we get 8 submissions. So another post should get us another 8 submissions, right? Seems vaguely logical! The upcoming theme is finance...any post about money will do! Read the post below for more details.

Hotel Suite [PPP]

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Have you ever gotten a hotel room that was called a "suite"? What I've experienced this to mean was a larger than normal room with some sort of table or couch in it. Well is trying to redefine the word suite. Their definition includes two room suites, perfect for large families (especially with young children), friends travelling together that would prefer not to stay in the same room, etc.