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FINANCE FINALLY MADE EASY Finance Company: Facilitating all walks Getting a home loan has never been so easy. Start Finance offers a no fuss alternative to buying a new home and buying it fast. Whether you have bad credit rating, are self employed, or earn a minimum wage Start Finance offers a range of home loan solutions catered to suit you. Start Finance operates on the mantra that no matter who you are or whatever financial situation you’re tied to, you’re eligible for a home loan irrespective of what target market you fall into, finally a no strings attached solution to finance. So what’s the big deal anyway, isn’t this just another one of the many finance companies that locks you into a contract and hits you with high interest rates in the future? Well that’s exactly what excludes Start Finance from its competitors. Being a boutique lender Start Finance can afford to offer the lowest rates in comparison to any of its competitors not to mention lending up to 105% finance up front. The company is located in Melbourne, but they service the whole of Australia. In addition, the majority of Start Finance’s home loan specialists have an average of fifteen years lending experience, so you can feel one hundred per cent at ease investing your time and money with the company. “To be honest I was a little hesitant initially with Start Finance being a new company and all, but after I had my first consultation, I felt completely at ease. The consultants are really lovely and so helpful, and don’t bombard you with a heap of legal jargon, which is also a bonus.” (Sharon Martin, 26, first home buyer). In essence as seen on TV and heard on radio both series of “Robbo” advertisements constitute that you don’t have to fit the mould to apply and get approved for a Start Home loan. Take Robbo for example, who’s your stereotypical, self-employed Aussie male, who after 28 years of living under his parent’s roof has finally made a concerned effort to move out of home. The character may only be fictional, but the reality of this matter is that Robbo represents a a large percentage of the population which has for years been virtually undesirable to the big banks. Robbo is the embodiment of those individuals having bad-credit ratings and low-incomes and what finance companies deem as the un-touchable’s. Start finance conveys the message that regardless who you are, or what you do. Start will help find the right home loan tailored to suit you and your needs. C’mon if Robbo can get a loan, then so can you.


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