Weekend Updates?

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned this weekend's updates yet. Well, I was REALLY busy with the improv show yesterday (which went great by the way, I'll see if I can get some video).

At this point, I am banking on not having to teach tomorrow and being able to do them then. If we get half of what the forecast is calling for, we'll definitely have the day off. If not, then I'll try and get them done tomorrow anyway after school!


alphawoman said…
I still am receiving very few hits (if any) from the random blog button. Has this been fixed yet?
alphawoman said…
I just went and counted them on my sitemeter....four hits today from this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something is very wrong.
Bobby Griffin said…
I know something is wrong, and I assure you I am working on it. Unfortunately there is not a simple set of steps I need to follow to fix it...I've tried a few things already that haven't worked and have a lot more ideas lined up.

Fortunately, your donations are by no means a monthly fee, so you shouldn't feel AS slighted that the hits are low these days.

Thank you for your continued patience.
Abigail S said…
I'm w/ you in hoping for no school tomorrow! I haven't even started my lesson plans!

It would be glorious to have a whole day to blog!
Callie Ann said…
boo hoo I just want to know if I have been accepted into the bestest blog club yet? waa I am whining please help.

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