Bestest Blog of the Day: 02/26/2007

Sarge Charlie
...a review by Skittles!

The Bestest Blog Of The Day award goes to a blog that is long overdue in receiving it.. Sarge Charlie!!!

From the beginning of Sarge's addiction blog, he has been mainly focused on the military and his love of country. It's easy to see why when you read this post he wrote about how he learned sacrifice and respect after his father joined the Navy. A little further into his blog he urges us all to Find A Soldier In Uniform To Say Thanks.

Another good place to learn a little more about Sarge is to read this post he did to answer his grandson's homework questions. He's not afraid to voice his opinions either as you'll see when you read Forever Stupid.

Sarge enjoys a good game of poker and going on cruises, although this is one from 2004. (Not the one you might be more familiar with.) He's very devoted to his wife and shows it in Bee My Valentine.

I encourage you to pay Sarge a visit. Tell him Skittles and The Bestest Blog Of All-Time sent you.


Cathy said…
Yea! Sarge Charlie's blog is wonderful..
Horray for Sarge!!! :)
He is such a "softie", but he does like to fight "skunks"!
Hip, hip, hooray!!! Sarge Charlie's our hero!
awww, thanks skit! he sure is the bestest in my book!

smiles, bee
Meloncutter said…
Bout danged time. LOL

Way to go Sarge.

Later Y'all
SGT DUB said…
Way to go Sarge, and thank you Barb at Skittles, it's great to see this type of recognition. His devotion to God and Country is honorable.
Desert Songbird said…
Yippee! Great choice!!!
The Beach Bum said…
How appropriate that today's Bestest Blog is Sarge Charlie.

One of his favorite movies is "We Were Soldiers" and today one of the heroes of that movie (which is a True Story), is receiving the long overdue Medal of Honor.

I posted a Blog yesterday about Bruce Crandall, who is the latest recipient of the highest award that can be bestowed by the Commander in Chief of our Military.

The Beach Bum
Linda said…
Way to go on this choice, Skittles! I read Sarge Charlie's blog every day and all I can think is that we need more guys like him in this country!
Sarge Charlie said…
Well not folks, I just got to tell you I was reading comments this morning and some congratulated me, what the hell for............ I am just blown away by this award, and I thank you and all the people that come to my blog for making it happen.

I will be visiting the beach bum when I finish this comment, and I thank him and all that commented very much for the kind words. If I had not given up booze some 20 years back I would propose a toast. In any event, thank you all, isn’t blogging fun..........
Claire said…
Go Sarge! Congratulations xxxxxxxxxx
R2K said…
: ) Sarge.
Anonymous said…
What more is there to say? Congratz Sarge, great blog you got going.

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