Underwear Commentary [PPP]

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It's time to flesh out the Oscars by discussing the Intimate Guide Academy Awards coverage, or lack thereof.

The 79th Annual Academy Awards is coming up very soon (Sunday, Febuary 25th, starting at 6:00PM EST). The staff at the Intimate Guide will be doing a feature blog broadcast live during the red carpet. Check them out to get real time talk about the arrivals on the red carpet...and their underwear.

That's right, the topic of discussion, as it always is at the Intimate Guide will be underwear. And with a name like Intimate Guide, what else would you expect. Check out their blog feature during the Oscars this Sunday to get all the info on what those Hollywood starlets are wearing under those fabulous gowns. This site is great for women who are getting ready to go to a gala themselves. You'll get answers to the common questions, such as "How do they smooth their tummies, shape their rear and show all that cleavage with such a small chest?" No one but the Intimate Guide is brave enough to go there.

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Wow! You were brave to go there - good job :)

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