Bestest Blog of the Day: 02/22/2007

Dixie's Heart and Soul
...a review by Empress Bee (of the High Sea) at Muffin53

I first met Dixie Chick at Dixie's Heart and Soul through Sarge Charlie, he would tell me to go look at something she said and off I would run to see. I realized she is a very special lady with a very special blog. She is very patriotic and I like that very much. Dixie is a single mom and there is always a special place for those in my heart. She talks about her son that is about to be a Marine, and you can feel the pride emanating from her. She shows us her daughter's artwork with pride. She teaches us so many useful things!

It is my great pleasure to bestow the Bestest Blog of the Day to Dixie Chick!


Dixiechick said…
Oh my word... I have never received any kind of award in my entire 42 years... I'm so very honored!

Thank you so much Mrs. Bee... my friend....
this was an honor to do dixie!!

smiles, bee
Dixiechick said…
And there is one other that I should also thank and that's Sarge Charlie. Had it not been for Sarge then you and I would have never met.

Thank you Sarge... I feel very honored to have met you and Mrs. Bee... y'all are wonderful people!
Skittles said…
On my way!
Bond said…

R2K said…
: )
Travis said…

That's our Dix!! Thanks Bee!

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