To Do List

Like I said a few days ago, I'm compiling a to-do list of what I need to do with this site before the grand re-opening. I will add some things to this list as the days go on, and I'll cross them off as I finish them.

1. Update new link exchanges
2. Create banners for previous winners
3. Rework template a bit
4. Finish HTML coding
5. Get rid of un-updated blogs (>30 days since update)
6. Get rid of blogs who have gotten rid of me


Julie said…
I think the real issue here is that PPP doesn't define it's blog categories. If they had a clear list of what they consider a "technology" blog, then you'd be able to determine whether or not yours would qualify. I've been a little peeved about the lack of FAQ, details and glossary on their site ever since I started PPP, and it hasn't gotten any better. I'm still PPPing though, of course. ;-)
MXI said…
I think you're stretching here, your blog may use technology but it's not about technology. Like eating fish sticks and saying your fishing.
Abigail S said…

Besides, your blog does address a lot of technology aspects- You tell us about cool things to fix up our blogs to look all spiffy. You explained the html to add the "random blog" button, talk about technorati, "myBlogLog" Recent Reader list, etc.

Silly people... What do they know?!
Meloncutter said…
Gee. My blog is mostly about flatulence, I bet they would go nuts if I started with them. I might go sign up now just to irritate them.

Later Y'all
Chris said…
PPP is too vague, and their 'help' is non-existent. All this tacks and red/green business is just not explained on their site at all, I'm just glad I found the forums, which again aren't linked in any obvious ways.

Talking of Technology, what's happened to Bestest, Bobby? 2 hits in 24 hours is a little different to what I was getting a month ago!

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