Domain Names

Well, at this point and both get you to the same place. So feel free in your linking to put it as either. In fact they both have the same Page Rank. This says to me that although at this point most of the links out there point to, there is some sort of symbiotic relationship out there as far as page rank goes.

Do you know how much domain names cost? If you really don't, take a guess at the yearly price. Ok got it? Did you guess about $8? Because that's how much they cost per year! You might have guessed higher. Most people confuse hosting prices with domain names. Hosting prices are what you pay a company to provide a place to put your website files (kinda like what Blogger does for free). Domain names are just a name.

But, New Blogger has an easy way to set up configuring your domain name in. If anyone is interested in buying one, I'd be happy to help you set it up.

Stay tuned a little later today. I'll be having a contest where you can win a domain name and some premium blog credits!


PoEt said…
Ive got to add my domain i purchased to my other blog, hope to build that PR up!
Chris said…
I would really pick one & stick with it Bobby, otherwise you're diluting your PR between 2 addresses. Definitely do not tell people to pick one they like!

Google will regard the two addresses as 2 different sites for PR purposes, you're lucky they've got the same, but it makes me wonder what your PR would be if all your incoming links pointed to the same place....
I own the domain, but thought that blogger only allows you to add a domain name if you also host the blog yourself?
Would love some advice on this.
Comment on my blog if you can!
Edward Wolf said…
I would like to know the advantages to having my own domain name. How is that better than just using my URL?

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