Bestest Military Blog

There is a site out there called, a site kind of similar to mind in goals, but completely dedicated to those whose blogs focus on their heroic careers in the military.

Two of my favorites from my site can be found over on Milblogging. Former Bestest Blog of the day Sgt Dub is there. And (future Bestest Blog of the Day?) Sarge Charlie is there as well. In fact, Sarge Charlie is in a competition for Best U.S. Military (Veteran) Blog. He's in 2nd place and can really use your votes!


R2K said…
I want to invite you to the game of LOST:

Win $5,000!
thanks bobby! i think charlie's blog is so much better than the one in first place, if you look at both you will clearly see! ha, no bragging here, right? smiles, bee
Sarge Charlie said…
Thank you for the support, I am presently in second place and fighting for votes.

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