Cisco Wifi [PPP]

The following is a PayPerPost advertisement...scroll down for more posts... offers a lot of services to its visitors. In fact in taking this PayPerPost opportunity, I was able to select from 5 different, interesting topics to write about such as their data centre (I love having freedom!) Well, I chose to write about their Wifi services. I think wireless internet is amazing! This is like something straight out of a futuristic novel. To think that only 10 years ago we were signing onto the internet with slow 14.4 modems that tied up our phone lines all night. And go back 20 years and the internet was some fancy government-only resource. Kind of exciting to imagine where we could be in another 10 years when so much advancement is taking place. But whatever happens, it's probably a solid bet that Cisco will be at the forefront of it all!


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