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As I have stated before on my site here, I am a huge video game fan. I think the pop culture term for that is "dork" but I like to avoid negativity :) Lately I've been pretty into XBox, but my first love will always been the Nintendo. Plus, as far as hand held video consoles go these days the Nintendo DS is hard to beat. DSBrowse is a review site devoted to this dual screen innovative system. My favorite game for the DS is the Brain Age game that is supposed to train your brain as you play it. I've also always been a fan of Mario Kart DS.

The best part about this site (as opposed to other video game sites like Game Spot or IGN) is that there is no corporate sponsorship. No corporate sponsorship means honest reviews, not puff pieces about games that aren't worth your time or attention. It's like if Ebert and Roepert were sponsored by Disney or Paramount or some other movie company. They wouldn't be nearly as famous or their opinions nearly as respected because they'd be pressured to give good reviews for certain bad movies and no self respecting human being could ever truly trust them! Sorry for the rant, but it needed to be said!


hawkins said…
I happen to know a lot of the editors for, since I used to work for them and now do freelance. Being part of a corporate entity does not compromise their honesty--if a game is terrible, even if its put out by a major advertiser on the site, they'll say so.

The site you've directed us to is by some hack blogger who has written trite reviews lacking comprehensiveness or any depth at all, not the work of professional writers like you'll find on IGN. That's the difference. Directing us to a completely useless link that someone threw together is a waste of our time. At least be honest with us when writing these pay-for-post entries.
Asara said…
All I came here to say is I <3 my DS. It's pink. :)

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