PayPerPost Rumor [PPP]

PayPerPost never goes long without some big announcement. This is the life of an up and coming web company. Segmentation rocked the Postie world just a few weeks ago and there is already something new brewing for the near future. It's a well known fact that there is a big announcement coming, but Pay Per Post has been pretty tight lipped about it.

But, I heard a rumor on the Pay Per Post boards yesterday that I think HAS to be true. It would be big, it would benefit everyone involved, and I think it would be fun.

What I'm talking about is product reviews. Up until now, Pay Per Post has dealt mostly with bloggers doing reviews of other websites. However, it is very common in the advertising world for people to be paid to review actual products. The great part of this is that the participants are usually provided with the product to try and to keep! Imagine being paid to review something like the new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, and receiving the vacuum cleaner itself as payment. Well, duh, how else could you review it?

I hope this rumor comes true. It would be a lot of fun to review things like that. I would definitely be very gung ho about joining in to this new advertising fad!


Mommy the Maid said…
That would be awesome!
Anonymous said…
Free stuff, what more can you ask for?
Anonymous said…
Awesome guess! That would sure be great wouldn't it?

I get dibs on alcoholic beverage reviews!!!

Well, I'm first in line for the diamond review then! Actually, Hugo and I KNOW the big news - drop by to read our good fortune :)
Ohhhh I hope it is product reviews!! I would love to do one on a new Canon 30D!!!

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