SEO Case Study [PPP]

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I love writing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I understand a lot about the topic from what I learned as a computer science major in college, but doing these sponsored posts helps me learn a little more. Plus as most of my readers are avid bloggers, I hope you can learn a little and understand better the dynamics of the world wide web.

eTraffic Jams is an SEO company (love the name by the way fellas). And how you can tell they are legit is the 4 testimonials they've provided for reference. One of the best ones is for This company had previously tried another SEO company that was able to deliver results for certain search engines, but not for Google. I mean, that's the main one you really want to get on top of! This just goes to show you that the SEO process isn't isn't a science...and who you choose really does make a difference. eTraffic Jams was able to get this company's 4 desired keywords into the top 10 on Google, as per the original contract. eTraffic Jams has confidence though, and they told RehrigPacific basically, "I hope you're happy with the results let us know if you'd like to improve your results further." Well, they they drew up a new contract which included a bonus fee if eTraffic Jams could get their keywords into the top 3 on Google...and sure enough they were successful!


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