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Where do a lot of successful websites get there traffic from? Well, some sites such as Best Buy or or Expedia have been come household names and can afford million dollar TV ad campaigns. What about the next tier of successful websites? Believe it or not they get a TON of their traffic from search engines. Some search terms are searched for thousands and thousands of times every day. If your site is #1 or even in the top 10 for that keyword, you're bound to get a ton of traffic. Luckily you don't have to worry about this all by yourself. Perhaps you're not a computer wiz and your time is better spent focusing on other aspects of your website. That's why there exist SEO Companies (Search Engine Optimization) like Bay St. SEO. Bay St. is at the top of their game and can really get you some big hits. This isn't free, but the cost per visit far outweighs any other option out there for website traffic.


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