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Time to talk about contact lenses. Although I personally do not use eye correction, I know that I'm in the tiny minority, and I'm sure as I get a little older, I'll need glasses or contact lenses. In fact, I think I'm already getting a little near sighted...

My brother-in-law recently got contact lenses after wearing glasses for years, and it was funny hearing about his first "lens insertion experience." The poor guy probably tried for a full hour to get the lens into his eye, and by the time it was finally in correctly, his eye was as bloodshot as can be. There's definitely a learning curve to contact lens insertion, because now he can do it in the dark.

Other than the difficulty of getting contact lenses in, they are really more convenient than glasses in my opinion. With glasses, you have to keep them with you all the time, you might get that characteristic red mark on your nose, your lenses can fog up when you walk into a warm room, and you have to be so careful not to break them (especially a problem with little kids).

I definitely think that I'll use contacts when my vision starts to deteriorate. And by then, my brother-in-law will be an expert, and he can show me how to do it without an hour-long battle!

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