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Shimon Sandler (yes, that's Shimon, not Simon...and yes that's Sandler as in Adam Sandler) is an SEO Consultant turned blogger. Seems like anyone who is anyone in business or entertainment these days is blogging. But it makes much more sense for an SEO Consultant like Shimon.

Checking out Shimon's site, his SEO strategies are VERY methodical. He is my kinda guy. You can tell just by looking at his site that he is a list maker, which in my opinion is a great thing. It shows organization and goal-oriented focus. For example, he has a 16 item long task list for SEO Consulting. Ideas ranging from "Understanding Client’s Business Objectives & Strategic Marketing Plan" to "Competitive analysis for main keywords/keyword phrases in Search Engines" to "Recommendations to optimize source code including the URL, filenames, page titles, descriptions, javascript, etc" and "Internal & External Linking Strategy & Recommendation"

The next thing he has on the very same page is his 9-step SEO process (I told you this guy liked lists). This process has steps like "Identify the main and alternate keywords for each web page," "Submission to Search Engines & Web Directories," and "Monitoring and Optimizing."

So, I think that you can tell from my analysis above that the content of this page is good. This guy knows what he is talking about. He is focused and goal-oriented and ready to help your company. But the style of this blog is pretty good as well. First of all, being an SEO Consultant you better believe his site is itself optimized for search engines and PPC revenue generation. The site is well organized into 3 columns with lots of relevant links to help search engines. Plus, he has a nice big Google adsense text link ad that melds very nicely into his template.

I guess the only negative I could say about his site, for an SEO guy, is that his individual webpages are numbered as opposed to having unique and relevant names to further help search engines. Maybe it's because it looks like he uses WordPress and I don't know what kind of options they have over there.


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