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Random Blog Button significant improvement!

I just (finally) figured out how to make a significant improvement to the Random Blog Button. Now, in a single viewing session (not closing your web browser, even if you leave the site and come back), the same blog should not come up more than once.

So, what does this mean? It means that Premium Blogs are still more likely to come up early on, but once they do, you won't see them again for that session. For example, during my final test, Skittles was the 2nd blog to come up...and Doctor Anonymous came up 15th. This is not surprising, considering they are the top 2 premium donators. However, once these 2 came up, they didn't come up again in the hundreds of more clicks I did. So, this change won't decrease the number of visitors any site has, but could reduce redundant page views.

This just makes more sense. If I spent 3 or 4 minutes at Skittles blog after randomly surfing over there, do I really want it to come up in the rotation 20 blogs later? Not really...I know…

CouponChief [PPP]

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I love coupons!!! For example, when I go to the grocery store, I don't make a list...I just go and see what is on sale and buy that. Some weeks it doesn't work out so well, but whenever there's a good sale on something I know we'll use a lot of, I stock up big time. I don't use many coupons at the grocery store, just because they are only ever for a few pennies. But, I would definitely use coupons for, that save me dollars, not cents, at a time.

Rerun Saturday: 12/30/2006

Bag Wine Ruminations
This pick comes to us courtesy of Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World."
Interested in being a guest blogger? Click here to find out how!He's weird. He's twisted. He's funny. A guy
who loves loose-meat sandwiches, fried Spam, and of course, Wild Irish Rose. He's Matt-man of Bag Wine Ruminations.

His humor isn't for everyone, granted. I find him hilarious. He can take a routine thing, like a tour of his town of Springfield, Ohio, and turn it into a funny road trip.

He is a Bestest Blogger in the sense that he creates a sense of community and communication on his site -- he loves comments, and loves to comment on your comments! Frequently his wit and puns in his comments are just as funny as his blog articles.

His blog also has great reading material in the sidebar -- where most of us have ads, Matt-man has put things like Word Of The Day, This Day In History, a Quotation Of The Day, along with two games: hangman, which I tho…

AntiVirus [PPP]

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(To PPP said half of my posts have to be about technology. Well over half of my posts are on the topic of blogs and the internet...though you working at a fancy company may take these things for granted, they are still relatively new form of technology to most of us)
As my regular readers are very aware, technology, especially the technology of the internet and blogs, (i.e. widgets, javascript, web 2.0 companies) is a recurring topic here. Well, for every awesome new feature to add onto your blog, there is an awesomely bad feature waiting to cripple your blog or worse your whole computer. is a website helping you to escape that problem with their Norton 2007 download and other software as well. Why, just today, someone tried to send me a virus disguised within an alleged eBay email. What immediately tipped me off was it wasn't the email I use for eBay. If that had sent…

Bestest Blog Carnival 1.3 Submissions!

This week's carnival has the category of "Your Funniest Post of 2006." Entries aren't due in until January 2nd at 11:59PM to, so you still have time to crank out a hilarious 2006 post. This is bound to be an amazing collection of posts, so be sure yours gets to be part of it!

Sproose [PPP]

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What is No, it's not about the common decidious tree the SPRUCE. It's also not about the migrating gaggle of animals the GOOSE. Visit the Sproose home page to learn everything, but I'll give you a summary. Google has advanced automated strategies for ranking web pages. However, many webmasters have gotten these down to a near science and are able to perfect their ranking higher than it should be. Sproose is a search engine where the users rank the web pages. For each search term, if it is EXACTLY what you are looking for, then give it a 5. If it's nowhere near close, give it a 1. As more and more users join the service, the ranks get amazingly accurate. And who's smarter, a big group of online users or an automated computer system?

Auction almost over!

The auction for "Bestest Blog of the Month" has only a mere 5 1/2 hours left. But guess what? The total is still $40 less than last month's winning bid...even though this blog has made some serious advances since the last auction such as cracking the top 1000 and starting the "Bestest Blog Carnival." So, this could be your chance for a bargain, go check it out!

Postie Patrol [PPP]

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Below is another video of the Pay Per Post Postie Patrol. On PPP's touring of the country, they stop off in major cities and offer loyal members the special chance to win some extra prizes. My absolute favorite part of this video is Robin's reaction. First she finds out that she has the chance to win an HP Digital Photo Printing package with camera, printer, the works. Then, she finds out that $1000 cash is a possibility as well and her jaw just about drops, it's hilarious. But I'd imagine reacting the same way given the chance. And if they wanna give me the chance I would gladly take it. Hehe!
This post is sponsored by HP.

Bestest Blog Carnival 1.2 is out!

The "family"-themed carnival is up and ready for your reading pleasure over at Jessie's blog "Who Are We." There are a lot of excellent posts and Jessie did an equally excellent job putting it all together. Remember, if you joined in this carnival, please do make a post on your blog directing everyone to go check it out. Even if you didn't join you could mention it too, there are a lot of good posts to read. The URL is, thanks everyone. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, check back here tomorrow for a new "Bestest Blog of the Day," but for the meantime just go enjoy the carnival!

RockStartUp [PPP]

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So, the guys over at Pay Per Post have starting a reality tv website chronicling their journey from nothingness to an internet force to be reckoned with. While I love Pay Per Post, I have to be honest (which they allow me to be in my reviews and I am totally appreciative of that), while the videos have some interesting qualities, they're kinda boring. I definitely don't find myself looking forward to the next episode or anything like that. Well, there you have it, Pay Per Post pays you to write honest, sometimes less than flattering reviews, even about their own endeavours. Check out the video for yourself and draw your own conclusions though!

Bestest Blog of the Month time!

Well, it's the last week of December and that means it's auction time again. Bidding for the title of "Bestest Blog of the Month" for January 2007 has commenced. As always, bidding starts at only a penny!

Remember, now not only are you bidding for a nice big link on a PageRank 5 blog with 2000+ visitors a day, but also on one of the top 1000 blogs on the internet! Plus you appear extra often in the Random Blog button for each $ in your winning bid and part of that money goes to being premium at the end of the month! That would certainly make a nice Christmas present for a blogging buddy, hehe. Thanks for looking and happy holidays!

P.S. This will be my last post before the holidays...we're packing up the car now! So Merry Christmas and I'll see you guys again soon!

Cubs Spring Training [PPP]

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I love doing Pay Per Post opportunities about baseball...because I love baseball. And no team has had a more successful off season than the Chicago Cubs. Well, maybe successful isn't the right word, since time will tell on that front. A better word is probably exciting and shopping-spree-like. Spring Training tickets to the Chicago Cubs will likely be in high demand as people flock to warmer climates during winter (see previous baseball post for winter vs. spring rant) to check out the Cubs new players. Ted Lilly, Alfonso Soriano, resigned Aramis Ramirez...Derek Lee should be healthy again Plus, new manager Lou Pinella! Should be exciting!

This week's updates!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, Bestest Blog readers! This week's updates are complete and can be seen on the Recent Additions page. Thanks to all my new links (only 53 this week, not a new record, but good for 3rd place ever) and to the generous donators of the week (there were 7 new ones and a few repeats!). Below are the blogs who fell out of the top 100 and therefore off the sidebar. Sorry guys...but remember you can always add to your total!

World of Reeholio, Portfolio Reeholio, Wise and Foolish, Creative Truth, New York Bathrooms, Micro Images Blog, High Power Rocketry

Giants Spring Training [PPP]

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You know, they call it spring training, but it starts in February and ends at the end of only like a week of that is actually spring. Might as well call it winter training. And do you really need an excuse to buy some SF Giants Spring Training tickets and head on down to sunny Arizona for a couple days and relax? do need a reason? How about checking out future HR champ Barry Bonds? Controversary aside, he is on pace to break the record this year if he can stay healthy!

Bestest Blog Carnival: Edition 1.2

Hey guys, the deadline for the next carnival is quickly approaching. All entries must be received by December 24th at 11:59 PM. The theme for this carnival is family. Here is an easy step-by-step guide to enter the carnival:
1. Join the link exchange (if you haven't already)
2. Pick out a post you've written about family, or write a new one!
3. Send an email to with the post URL and title.
4. Check out the blog "Who We Are" on December 27th to see the carnival.

Window Tint [PPP]

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My car is kinda old, before tinted windows were the default for many standard models. I am a very frugal person (read cheap). I am not gonna go out and pay some guy an insane amount of money just to tint my windows. Now if there were a home window tint system where I could save a bunch of money, maybe I'd give it a second thought. Oh wait there is, just click on that link! It could make your car look cooler, but you could also use it on your house to reduce heating bills in the winter time.

Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/22/2006

Here Comes a Storm in the Form of a Girl
...a review by Jessie from "Who Are We"

My pick for Bestest Blog of the Day has to be Here Comes A Storm...In The Form Of A Girl! I am loving this blog. I think Starrlight may possibly be my twin... or at least a very distant relative. She too was kicked out of girl scouts when she was 12! I thought I was the only one.

Starrlight is a very busy blogger. I had a hard time finding a day that she didn't post at least once. Starrlight participates in Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen. I have to admit that her Thursday Thirteen makes me chuckle, often and loudly!

This blog has a good balance of fun and substance. Starrlight can go from posting about the hotties she likes to a tribute to John Lennon. She provides her readers with movie reviews and great advice about shopping RED smart.

Starrlight is on the countdown to a trip to Hawaii. She only has 14 weeks till she is basking in the sun. So until then stop by and wish her a happy t…

YouTube [PPP]

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YouTube is pretty sweet. You can have like your own channel of videos, kinda like you'd have a channel on TV. People have been known to make their own low budget sitcoms and develop quite a following on YouTube. Pay Per Post has one of these channels. On it they have all their Rock Start Up videos, all their one on one confessionals, they got their Postie Patrols (where they visit people and surprise them with prizes and money), among other things. The video below is a confessional from Terrence, the newest member of the Pay Per Post team. Check out these videos among others on the payperpost video network!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/21/2006

Valentine's Views on Sports
I was doing a little random blog surfing tonight and stumbled upon this site. The top post on the site was a celebratory one, rejoicing in the fact that one of Ed Valentine's articles had been featured on Deadspin, a popular sports blog I had actually heard of before! Intrigued by this distinction, I read on...

The post that had been featured was actually a 5-part series on the New York Giants. Now, I am not really a football fan, but I appreciate a well-written and comprehensive piece when I see one. Valentine broke down the team and wrote well-balance and well-thought out articles in 5 different parts: the defense, the offense, the special teams, the coaching staff, and the general manager.

So, I thought to myself, "That was a good read, but football's not my thing...I wonder if he has any baseball on here." So, I scrolled down 3 posts past this Giants series and not only found baseball, but found an article on the baseball story I…

Digesthelp [PPP]

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I am going to try to do a serious post about an often laughable problem... Please be respectful of those who are suffering (if you can!). Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) affects over 2 million Americans. So if you are one of them, learn about Relieving IBS with Digesthelp, a clinically proven drug that eliminates symptoms in just a few days without any side effects. It could even eliminate the disease with prolonged use. Thanks for reading (and hopefully not laughing).

You are now reading...

You are now reading one of the top 1000 blogs on the internet according to Technorati. This is out of over 2 million! I just want to thank everyone for linking me up and getting me this far. All this in just UNDER 6 months (January 1st will mark the 6 month anniversary of Bestest Blog). Next stop: top 100 (perhaps by the 1 year mark!).

Credit Cards [PPP]

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Credit Cards have a lot of positives and negatives. On one hand they are much easier to have around than cash...not to mention being able to purchase things online at retailers such as Amazon dot com. Plus, with many cards you can earn cash back or rewards points or airline miles. On the other hand, it is easy to rack up credit card debt and end up paying a lot more than you would have otherwise. Plus, you can convince yourself into buying things you don't really need. It takes a responsible person to fully realize the greatness of credit cards without getting burned. If you need help becoming this person check out this site for informative credit card news and credit card advice.

Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/20/2006

WTIT Tape Radio: The Blog
...a review by Mimi Lenox from Mimi Writes

It was the seventies.
Who knew that nearly forty years later what started as a group of teenagers talking into a tape recorder would now be an internet blog entity? Who knew? Somehow, Bud did. "Even at 15, I knew we were talking to someone, we just didn’t know who or when," he recalls. That's right. An award-winning radio station that nobody has ever listened to (Never mind the adolescent brainstorm that branded the not-so-subtle callletters. I know what you're thinking. But what could be so bad about W-Tape-Is-Tape?!)
WTIT's lifelong professional DJ and comedy writer Bud Weiser explains, "Even though I know that WTIT is a Tape Radio Station that no one can hear, I do not believe it. I believe everyone listens and they are too shy to admit it."
He may be right.
The nation's longest running tape radio station is now a blog with over 200 articles. With links to reel-to-reel tapes of musi…

Fellow Blogger [PPP]

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This is a post for a fellow blogger who is running a Pay Per Post campaign to increase her page rank. I am a page rank 5, so I am able to help her out. She has a business blog entitled Home Biz Blogger. Speaking of increasing page rank, if you make a donation to my site here, you could be listed in my sidebar and increase your page rank. Increased page rank = increased hits from search engines like google! This brings truly targetted traffic to your site, which is the supreme goal. So check out this blog and consider making a donation today.

Bestest Blog Carnival -- Edition 1.1

Welcome to the first ever edition of the Bestest Blog Carnival! For the inaugural version, I think it's been wildly successful...we had 44 different submissions, thanks to everyone who participated! So grab a chair and a snack and get ready to read! I tried to split all the posts into different categories for your reading pleasure, here they are: Personal, Serious, Funny, Political, Internet, Sports.

If you participated in the carnival (or even if you didn't) I ask that you make a post on your blog directing your readers to come check the carnival out! That way they could see what you wrote about, as well as what everyone else wrote about. And if you do get some good traffic and have a good experience, please consider supporting the site and making a Premium Blog doantion.

Finally, the next carnival will be held on December 27th. The deadline for submission is 11:59PM on Dec. 24th. This carnival will be themed. The theme is "family." Send your submissions to …

Maternity [PPP]

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Since joining Pay Per Post, I have had the opportunity to be an advocate of consumer products from all sides of the web and globe. I just wanted to say it's been a lot of fun. I always thought a career in advertising looked like fun, now it's kinda like in a way I have one. Any way, today's product du jour is about maternity care. I am newly married and definitely want to have kids some day. It's really important to have a complete maternity service package, for the health of the baby and of the mother. But, do you know the Cost of Having a Baby? It's not cheap. I'm not just talking about the seemingly endless supply of food and clothes you have to buy for it...I'm talking about the actual physical process of giving birth to the baby in the hopsital!

Carnival staying up

I'm going to forego doing a Bestest Blog pick again tomorrow (Tuesday) because you guys are having so much fun clicking away at the carnival. Check back Wednesday for a new blog pick from Mimi. In the mean time, please try to visit ALL 44 carnival entries...each special in its own way!

Funny Videos [PPP]

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I've been known to post my fair share of Funny Videos on I've been known to feature my fair share of funny video blogs. Well, I just found this site Jokeroo that may just very well be the hottest video site on the web. The collection that have is really extensive: funny videos, movie trailers, flash animation... plus my favorite section the greeting cards. I am too lazy to send regular cards in the regular mail!

Updates completed...another new record!

As you'll remember from last week, I linked up with 57 new blogs. That beat out the previous record of less than 50. Well, this week, I linked up with 75 new blogs! That crushes 57! Check them all out in the Recent Additions. Wow, if this trend continues I may have to hire some additional help (but don't let that sway you, hehe).

With a healthy new total of Premium Blogs, there were quite a few dropped from the Top 100. Sorry guys, you lose your spot in the sidebar (but keep everything else). Here they are:
Bono Is Brian Peppers, O Mighty Isis, Purrchance to Dream, Wasting Time, The Club, The "Not-So" News, The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile, Theory of Thought

GoutSolve [PPP]

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Do you have gout? One of my grandparents did... or maybe they still do. If that's the case, I should tell them about this gout relief medicine. The cool thing about this medicine is not only does it stop pain in about a week (with no side effects, by the way), but it also completely eliminates the gout after a couple of months. The no side effects is the really appealing part... there are lots of drugs out there for any disease, but not many that can claim NO side effects at all!

Rerun Sunday: 12/16/2006

Controlled Chaos
With great honor I nominate Rob, the talented photographer and author behind Controlled Chaos for Bestest Blog of the Day!

Rob describes himself as an average guy living in Michigan but I believe he is above average! Rob’s blog highlights his superb photography and insightful writing skills. His photos add power to the words he writes and allows his readers to enter into his everyday world. Rob has taken the time to create an easy to navigate blog with several different sections for his readers to enjoy. Photos range from everyday shots to views from the Eiffel Tower. Favorite Quotes and Gambling Tips come free of charge for each visitor!

Rob even lets readers request photos. I would recommend checking out Quilldancer’s Daisies in the requested photos section. One of my favorite photos is the Artesian Well. Rob’s post titled Why God Let’s Bad Things Happen in his God/Philosophy/Prophecy section is moving.

So go visit Rob at Controlled Chaos and take the time to …

Full Disclosure [PPP]

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Well, something people were predicting to happen (or at least hoping would happen) has happened! In an official announcement on Monday, Pay Per Post will begin to require full disclosure of paid posts. This of course doesn't affect me at all, I've been disclosing all along. Some people however have taken to sneaking in paid posts with regular ones on their blog. This move comes in response to a FTC (Federal Trade Commission) statement against deceptive advertising. Though, this statement wasn't directly about Pay Per Post, they think it's better to stay safer than sorrier. Good move guys, now everybody will blog just like me. If you still haven't tried Pay Per Post, check out the link in the left sidebar and earn me a cool $15 for signing up!

A Fascinating Interview!

I recently did an interview with Skittles. She collected a bunch of questions to ask me from her readers, as well as a bunch of her own. So, head on over and check it out if you want to learn a little bit more about who I am and what I do.

EPT Poker Tournament [PPP]

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Poker isn't just a huge success here in America as of late, it is really big in Europe right now too. Last year, a London woman won 500 thousand pounds in the European Poker Tour (EPT... not to be confused with Error Proof Test). This was the largest prize won by a woman in Europe, so you can tell this tournament is a pretty big deal. William Hil is giving its visitors the chance to win a seat at this tournament, check out the site for details!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/15/2006

Simple Kind Of Life
...a review by Jessie from "Who Are We"

Simple Kind Of Life is the Bestest Blog of the Day! But Colleen the author of this great blog doesn't appear to have such a simple life. Colleen is 30 years old, married, and the mother of three children that are under the age of 10! A couple of her children are actually battling strep right now. 3 healthy children aren't simple let alone having a couple sick ones.

While Colleen manages a house full of children she is also attempting to raise money for the Breast Cancer 3-Day! Colleen is actually a training leader and will be walking 60 miles to raise funds for breast cancer research! That is no simple task! And as if that wasn't enough to keep her busy Colleen also has her sidekick Fifi to keep up with and keep out of trouble.

Colleen's blog is a fun read. It's obvious that she has put a large amount of time and effort into making her blog a reflection of her. I enjoy stopping by and paying Colleen …

Portugal Hotels [PPP]

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Sometimes a site that is broad in scope is very good...but sometimes you'd rather one that is narrow in scope. That is the difference between my previous Pay Per Post and this one. The one below is for hotel reservations basically anywhere, this one is specifically for Portugal Hotels. Though it is run by the same people... they are just attacking all sides of the reservation spectrum!

Negative comments...

I'm sorry, but I am not going to allow negative comments about the "Bestest Blog of the Day" on their winning posts. I am all for freedom of speech, but trying to bring someone down on their winning day is not about freedom it's about being rude. If you think your videos are better than his are, then join the link exchange and prove it! Maybe you'll win someday soon...

Hotel Reservations [PPP]

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This is a pretty cool site. They are offering (for a limited time I presume) their visitors a one hundred dollar rebate for making hotel reservations with them. Talk about Hotel Discounts! They have all the hot spots there too, not just crappy places. I think this site is up and coming, but I would safely predict that they are going to go places (just like you are going to go places if you book a hotel with them...ok that was corny, but oh well, I'm leaving it up!)