Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/22/2006

Here Comes a Storm in the Form of a Girl
...a review by Jessie from "Who Are We"

My pick for Bestest Blog of the Day has to be Here Comes A Storm...In The Form Of A Girl! I am loving this blog. I think Starrlight may possibly be my twin... or at least a very distant relative. She too was kicked out of girl scouts when she was 12! I thought I was the only one.

Starrlight is a very busy blogger. I had a hard time finding a day that she didn't post at least once. Starrlight participates in Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen. I have to admit that her Thursday Thirteen makes me chuckle, often and loudly!

This blog has a good balance of fun and substance. Starrlight can go from posting about the hotties she likes to a tribute to John Lennon. She provides her readers with movie reviews and great advice about shopping RED smart.

Starrlight is on the countdown to a trip to Hawaii. She only has 14 weeks till she is basking in the sun. So until then stop by and wish her a happy time as the Bestest Blog of the Day! Make sure to tell her that Jessie sent you via The Bestest Blog Of All Time.

Bobby's addendum: Great pick Jessie! This is a great blog...not only does the content make me chuckle like you said, but the name makes me chuckle too. And Starrlight has been a great regular visitor since she stumbled onto my site not too long ago!


starbender said…
Just wanted to wish U a Merry Christmas and a Awesome New Year!
Stay safe!

: )
R2K said…
: )
NoMas said…
Way to go - Starrlight is a winner!
Starrlight said…
Wow! Thanks guys!

Jessie - I am totally calling dibs on Evil Twin ;)

Bobby - Thanks so much for the compliments!

/runs off blushing wildly..
Chris said…
This is a cool blog, and I like the fact the name reminds me of a cool Nick Cave song ('tho Starrlight got it from a Courtney Love song).

To blog!
Bond said…

Starrlight said…
Thanks Guys! I am still impressed that Chris guess Nick Cave first!
Chris said…
What does 'To blog!' mean?

'I feel a story coming on Robin, To Blog we must go!!'

What a tool. I meant TOP blog. And I still do.

Nick Cave's lyrics are worth reading alone of the music-and I sometimes do.
thethinker said…
Yay! It was only a matter of time before she won.
Me said…
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Starrlight said…
Thanks Thinker =)
Sonja said…
Well deserved award, a really fun blog to read!
bobbarama said…
Just stumbled onto your blog here. Looks like fun. I'll be checking back in every now and then.

I suspect you might like my humor blog as well ... and when you get there make sure you click on the fun stuff in the sidebar, ESPECIALLY my Dictiovary. (Hee hee)

Happy holidays and a happy New Year.


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