Maternity [PPP]

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Since joining Pay Per Post, I have had the opportunity to be an advocate of consumer products from all sides of the web and globe. I just wanted to say it's been a lot of fun. I always thought a career in advertising looked like fun, now it's kinda like in a way I have one. Any way, today's product du jour is about maternity care. I am newly married and definitely want to have kids some day. It's really important to have a complete maternity service package, for the health of the baby and of the mother. But, do you know the Cost of Having a Baby? It's not cheap. I'm not just talking about the seemingly endless supply of food and clothes you have to buy for it...I'm talking about the actual physical process of giving birth to the baby in the hopsital!


Orhan Kahn said…
Mm, adverts.

I can dig it.
Karen said…
They should teach this in junior high!

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