Portugal Hotels [PPP]

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Sometimes a site that is broad in scope is very good...but sometimes you'd rather one that is narrow in scope. That is the difference between my previous Pay Per Post and this one. The one below is for hotel reservations basically anywhere, this one is specifically for Portugal Hotels. Though it is run by the same people... they are just attacking all sides of the reservation spectrum!


Angello90 said…
thats good blog. check my :
it is about guitars and cars etc click at least one ad -or more would be better - please, ill be so greatfull =)
Moobear said…
WHAT an awful blog. Messy!
DonPato said…
from the Portugise blogs that I have seen I would be willing to go to portugal any time!!

Don Pato
San Jose
Drew said…
Hi there. I see that you are doing PayPerPost on your site. I am as well. I also use MyBlogLog and I was using the click tagging feature, a pretty cool feature I think, but I was getting posts rejected because the click tag would pop up and obscure the PPP post. It is in the TOS for PPP. Just want to save someone else the headaches I have had in the learning process. Good site. I am going to add a link, do you have a link button or image or do you want a link in text to go to your blog, for the link exchange?

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