Updates completed...another new record!

As you'll remember from last week, I linked up with 57 new blogs. That beat out the previous record of less than 50. Well, this week, I linked up with 75 new blogs! That crushes 57! Check them all out in the Recent Additions. Wow, if this trend continues I may have to hire some additional help (but don't let that sway you, hehe).

With a healthy new total of Premium Blogs, there were quite a few dropped from the Top 100. Sorry guys, you lose your spot in the sidebar (but keep everything else). Here they are:
Bono Is Brian Peppers, O Mighty Isis, Purrchance to Dream, Wasting Time, The Club, The "Not-So" News, The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile, Theory of Thought


Anonymous said…
no way man! MY blog IS the bestest blog of all time. urs is confusing. duuuuuuhh. www.rockdot555.blogspot.com

yeah, son. so whats with the link thingys? can i add my blog? would that be possible? how old r u anyways? ok cya man
Starrlight said…
Bobby, you are the man and I just donated again. Thanks for the effort and the new items like the carnival!
Morgen said…
Should I be paranoid that 2 of my blogs are amongst the bunch kicked to the curb???
And what about The "Not-So" News? You'd think Jacqui'd get an honorary spot, being your very first Bestest honoree and all...
Oh well, thanks for not bootin' It's A Blog Eat Blog World. Yet...

student said…
Oh you can make 57 blog and can promote for high pagerank. I want know. How do you make a blog for high pagerank. Because I make a blog 28 blog, but my blog not have pagerank for all.


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