Cubs Spring Training [PPP]

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I love doing Pay Per Post opportunities about baseball...because I love baseball. And no team has had a more successful off season than the Chicago Cubs. Well, maybe successful isn't the right word, since time will tell on that front. A better word is probably exciting and shopping-spree-like. Spring Training tickets to the Chicago Cubs will likely be in high demand as people flock to warmer climates during winter (see previous baseball post for winter vs. spring rant) to check out the Cubs new players. Ted Lilly, Alfonso Soriano, resigned Aramis Ramirez...Derek Lee should be healthy again Plus, new manager Lou Pinella! Should be exciting!


Lexa Roséan said…
It should be VERY EXCITING! By the way, yours truly (Lexa the Good Witch) performed a powerful spell live on ESPN"s COLD PIZZA TV to take the curse of the Billy Goat off the Cubs. At that time. (Halloween 2005) I predicted the Cubs would win the World Series in 2007. My prayers and blessings are with them ALL THE WAY!!!
May they WIN

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