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I recently did an interview with Skittles. She collected a bunch of questions to ask me from her readers, as well as a bunch of her own. So, head on over and check it out if you want to learn a little bit more about who I am and what I do.
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 4:35 AM   [-]
  • At 5:36 AM, Blogger Lance Riley said…

    A co-worker told me about this blog, Sure is alot here! Sure is alot of links to go too.

    Blog's have become a hobby of mine as of late. You have got a link from me...

    This Blog is very COOL!


  • At 10:06 AM, Blogger Skittles said…

    I had fun with it :)

  • At 10:11 AM, Blogger Dr. A said…

    Great interview!

  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger Julie said…

    I didn't know you started this blog only 16 days before I started mine! That's crazy! Awww...and I'm one of the blogs you read everyday! Aw, shucks Bobby, now I'm blushing. :-) Great interview!

  • At 12:00 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    I never realized you were from Scranton. No wonder you're such a Dunder-Mifflin fan! How about that 1 hour Xmas episode? When Michael marked that Asian girl with a marker I almost wet myself!

  • At 6:06 PM, Blogger Mu Tai Dong said…

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    The wage makes illegal Bobby for the post which the advertisement will be very quick will be declared it is the bad faith makes the advertisement.

  • At 12:18 PM, Blogger Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said…

    Okay, that's a hard act to follow ...... mu tai dong clearly states how difficult the English language is to learn - and especially to write ....

    Great interview Skittles and Bobby!

  • At 11:07 AM, Blogger Crazy Working Mom said…

    Great interview, by the way! : )

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