Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/21/2006

Valentine's Views on Sports
I was doing a little random blog surfing tonight and stumbled upon this site. The top post on the site was a celebratory one, rejoicing in the fact that one of Ed Valentine's articles had been featured on Deadspin, a popular sports blog I had actually heard of before! Intrigued by this distinction, I read on...

The post that had been featured was actually a 5-part series on the New York Giants. Now, I am not really a football fan, but I appreciate a well-written and comprehensive piece when I see one. Valentine broke down the team and wrote well-balance and well-thought out articles in 5 different parts: the defense, the offense, the special teams, the coaching staff, and the general manager.

So, I thought to myself, "That was a good read, but football's not my thing...I wonder if he has any baseball on here." So, I scrolled down 3 posts past this Giants series and not only found baseball, but found an article on the baseball story I've been closely following this offseason. The New York Mets are my team, and the big story with them right now is trying to acquire free agent pitcher Barry Zito. Well Valentine had an article on that very subject (and he shares many of my opinions on the subject!). I wonder if Ed Valentine is any relation to former Mets manager turned outcast Japanese manager Bobby Valentine...

Anyway, this is a very well-written sports blog and I am very happy to add to Ed's pile of accolades. So go check out Valentine's Views on Sports, great for fans of any sport!


Ed Valentine said…
No relation to Bobby Valentine -- and I wouldn't admit it if I was!

Anyway, thanks for the plug! I have just gotten serious about doing something with this blog over the past few weeks, and I do appreciate the attention.

Thanks again!
Շɬɠɠ™ said…
wanna good laugh - come see my last post - it's a three parter - i am one of your premium bloggers from last week - tigg
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Lady Aeval said…
You've been tagged! See Snark the News for details!

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