Random Blog Button significant improvement!

I just (finally) figured out how to make a significant improvement to the Random Blog Button. Now, in a single viewing session (not closing your web browser, even if you leave the site and come back), the same blog should not come up more than once.

So, what does this mean? It means that Premium Blogs are still more likely to come up early on, but once they do, you won't see them again for that session. For example, during my final test, Skittles was the 2nd blog to come up...and Doctor Anonymous came up 15th. This is not surprising, considering they are the top 2 premium donators. However, once these 2 came up, they didn't come up again in the hundreds of more clicks I did. So, this change won't decrease the number of visitors any site has, but could reduce redundant page views.

This just makes more sense. If I spent 3 or 4 minutes at Skittles blog after randomly surfing over there, do I really want it to come up in the rotation 20 blogs later? Not really...I know Barb does a TON of posting, but it's unlikely she has anything new to see by then. However, once I close my browser and come back later that day or that week or that month, then I'll have the chance to check out some of the same blogs again...hopefully with new content!

So do me a favor and surf on over to the Random Blog Button and give it a few clicks, let me know what you think of the new setup. I'd really appreciate any input you guys might have and any more improvements you might be able to think of! THANKS!


Terri said…
Thank GOD! And thank you Bobby! LOL. I was going through Random Blog the other day and actually found it annoying for the very problem you just corrected. WTG. I was going to mention something, but now I just get to give kudos. You da man!
Daniel Thompson said…
I think this is a great improvement. I don't mind it if my blogs don't show up multiple times in one session.
Great improvement. : )
Kara said…
Thank you! I loved seeing some of those blogs, but if I see the same one 5 times in 2 minutes it does get annoying.
Morgen said…
A wonderful improvement!
Thanks ~ Morgen
Lexa Roséan said…
glad you fixed that Bobby. I'll go now and check it out :)
Lexa Roséan said…
Thanks Bobby, that's a huge improvement!

I have a suggestion about the raspberry color of your background for comments - please, please - lose it - it's a lovely color but there just isn't enough contrast between it and the black for me to read the comments easily... thanks :)

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